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Correcting DVLA Error - Opening a Can of Worms?

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I have owned this A65 for many, many years, but it has just come to my attention that when I surrendered the old green logbook for a V5 the frame number was incorrectly entered into the system. The suffix numbers are correct but it has been recorded with an A30 prefix rater than A50.

Both the engine and frame numbers are as as per the original green logbook, which I still have. However, the book has been folded and the fold obscures the frame number somewhat, which probably led to the mistake in the first place.

Will correcting this with the DVLA be straight forward or will I be opening a can of worms that could lead to the bike needing to re-registered?

Any advice will be gratefully received.



A can of worms may well be opened. DVLA seem to be going through a somewhat inflexible phase just now. Just possibly they might be helpful OR you may have to go through the whole tedious process of applying for an age related number - and losing your original registration.
Bring back helpful local offices.

Thanks! Much as I feared - a touch of Russian Roulette, I think I'll let sleeping dogs lie until it becomes an issue. The old girl has become a family heirloom, so no plans on selling .....

I've had my 55 A10 since 1984 , over the years i had lost the registration document, i have changed address so i sent off for a new one with the new details, they asked for pictures of the frame engine numbers, so had to paint stripper a few coats of paint from the frame neck to reveal the number. sent the photos off. I received a letter back to say my reg is now "VOID" because the frame number doesn't match their records. and they wouldn't tell me what number they had. with this letter came a wad of forms for applying for a Q plate. I haven't even looked at the forms, i've been walking the hills , why why me? . I've had that bike 32 years , 32 years of my life just erased by a little man at the DVLA and replaced with a Q. I can't now even go for a ride to forget about it, I need counselling or help group.
So no, never contact the DVLA , they are evil gremlins that relish in stealing your happiness and must be avoided at all costs.

Mike Farmer:

Write to CEO DVLA, Your local MP and the minister for transport. Hassle them hassle them. It probably wont work but if enough of us do it maybe, just maybe, someone will start to listen. Ha bloody ha.. ::)

In this time with the super computerised systems, as long as everything on the V5 is properly entered, by them, there is absolutely no need or reason for "Q" plates. When I put this to them the answer was Quote "Its not as simple as that" Red rag to a bull. That phrase means ---OK, you have a good point but I really cant be bothered to get off my donkey and do anything about it.  We are AGENCY--we are next to INFALLIBLE

There really should be an ombudsman (or is there one already) to deal with this type of thing. I will look into this aspect and come back.

Mike 8) 8) 8)


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