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Rocket Gold Star inner primary chain case


robin smith:
A month has passed since posting a question in the “twins” section of the BSA workshop:

What type of inner primary chain case was fitted to a Rocket Gold Star?   

Amazingly just two fellow members have offered up plausible but not definitive answers, despite well over 200 views!

With the asking price of an RGS now often exceeding £20,000, it would be good to know precisely what a prospective buyer should look out for, which is not easily faked.

I understand how disappointing it can be when people don't give up their time to anwer your questions and you have to go to the bother of looking it up for yourself. Personally. I would not advise anyone to judge the authentiicity of an RGS on the basis of the inner primary.

If you want to buy an RGS then the main thing is research and more research and when viewing to see a detailed and verifiable history including a dating certificate.

Dont rely on  photos in the current classic press of newly restored bikes, research contemporary photos.

And remember that only 1582 were produced. Of those perhaps half were exported to the USA, where they were either sold as scramblers or  Gold Star twins (not RGS) with twin pipes, so maybe only around 700 or 800 or so are real genuine UK market Rocket Gold Stars.

With such a low production run maybe there is no definitive answer or record as to exactly which parts were fitted.

 I " Googled" BSA RGS authentication and found this helpful link. It includes a reference to the inner primary
But how accurate it is I cannot tell!


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