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Next problem for the c11


I have a c11 with its registration, but no paperwork. I tried applying for one with Dylan, who said they have no record of it. I read somewhere that I should be able to trace back its initial registration and therefor get to keep it. Is this true and how would one go about this process?
Thanks in advance

There's a helpful link here, DTB



or here!  >:(

You can check if your registration is on DVLA data base with this link;

If not you can check if the records for the issuing authority still exist using this link;

If the records still exist and they can link the registration with the frame number you may be able, with further research, to apply to retain the number with above links from BSAOC.

If Records do not exist or they do but cannot link frame number (and most do not) then you can apply for an age related plate again see BSAOC links above.

Thank you all for your replies, they are very helpful and very much appreciated! Hopefully I will get to retain the original reg. it's a 1 owner machine, so would be a shame to lose it!


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