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1971 A65L Piston hitting inlet valve

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And it was going so well....
I fitted the inlet rocker gear and was about to fit the exhaust rockers.
Then I put the right-hand pushrod on, turning the engine with a spanner on the alternator nut.
Watched the valve opening, then it locked.
With the adjuster fully out it will turn-over completely.

This is a head off job now.
There could be many reasons for this to happen, just about everything is new.
I'm thinking, wrong camshaft, wrong followers, wrong pistons, etc.
Any thoughts? 

Mike Farmer:

Please don't be insulted. Have you got the push rods in the right position???


Well. I think so, short ones outside.

Valve timing is all ok i presume?

I have not really had a chance to check the valve timing, but the inlet is open at TDC, which confirms my suspicions.


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