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Looking for Lost BSA Gold Stars, SOJ 804 and PUD 167


Hi all looking through my dads old photo album a few weeks ago there was some old photos of two Gold Stars, with him sitting on, which belonged at different times to his best mate, one was reg number SOJ 804 and the other was PUD 167, one of these also has some local racing history, sadly his friend died a few years ago , these photos  borough back happy memories for him, especially as he has also been unwell. I did look on the dvla website and both bikes seem to have disappeared in the 1980,s if any one owns these or knows who does would they please contact me as my dad would love to see either of them again, he also knows about the early history of both bikes and would be happy to have copies made of the photos, he has.
I just had a thought that the reg numbers may have been sold off and the bike,s may have different age related ones know, which may make it even harder to trace, any help would be very welcome thanks Ted

hi ted, the numbers are still attached to Bsa motorcycles according to DVLA. If they had been transferred the registered vehicle details would come up. They are most likely gathering dust in a shed somewhere.  :-[

                SOJ 804

✗ Untaxed                    MOT
Tax due:                       No details held by DVLA
01 November 1989

Vehicle make: BSA
Date of first registration: September 1955
Cylinder capacity (cc): 500 cc
CO₂Emissions: Not available
Fuel type: PETROL
Export marker: Yes
Vehicle status: Not taxed
Vehicle colour: NOT STATED
Vehicle type approval: Not available
Wheelplan: 2 WHEEL
Revenue weight: Not available


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