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c11g wiring help


howdo all!
i bought a c11g some time ago and its been sat in my shed looking sorry for its self. its complete but the previous owner has messed about with the wiring, with bits attached to other bits 30amp wiring in there and its a mess. so i have decided to sort it. i bought a loom off ebay, a nos brittax still in box. however, the colours of the new loom dont match the mess of an existing loom i have, even the wiring from the rotor have been changed!! i have googled for a wiring diagram but failed to find one. could anyone of you fine folk point me in the right direction. any help is much appreciated!!

Does this help.

check out the link below
scroll down a bit to sheet 808C contd.

should point you in the right direction.

make sure you have the correct c11g electrical parts fitted otherwise it could get confusing if there are bits from other bikes there with different connections etc...

good luck.


Thank you both for the replies, both are very helpful and I should be able to sort it now.


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