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New to the forum but a regular reader, seeking technical opinion. Iím currently considering buying a Victor 441 Special as I fancy a larger single upgrade to my weeny single (Bantam D1). However the one thing that is putting me off is the tank. To my eye  :o it looks slightly small in proportion to the rest of the bike (apologies to any owner who likes the look) and would look better with a slightly larger tank, beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that. My question is, are the tank fittings / frame accepting of an alternative or classic tank, say a C15 or starfire perhaps without major rework? Researching pictures suggest they will fit but would like to have a more certain view.
Many Thanks in advance

I also have just bought a B44 VS with the small alloy tank.
Yesterday I emptied the full tank into cans, then, by weighing, worked out the ammount.
!.4 gallons.
I also do not like the look of that tank. It does not fit the bike. it looks like a poor substitute,
fitted to save weight for scrambles racing.
I wanted the look of the C25 and similar.
Apparently, most of  the BSA tanks with centre bolt fixing are interchangeable.
Trouble is - the C25 tank is also of low capacity.
i have bought a glass one on ebay. I will check the fit and tank size when it comes.
It may be that another model of tank would suit. A65? or what?
The high cost of tanks make it difficult to find the right one.
What we need is a club where members could help each other in these sort of questions.
But living close by.

Can any member here give advice. - B44,- 3 gallon tank??

Would have though the steel tank from 1969 or 1970 Starfire or B44 Shooting Star would fit.

Well....I happen to like the look when it's all finished nice...admittedly it is small, but I can get 100mpg & well over 100 miles to the tankful with mine. I believe rupert ratio states that the BSA range of central fixing bolt tanks fit.

I have found that the glass C25 style tank I bought fo £50 fits the B44I just need to repaint it.
I will also try fitting my C15 larger tank and see how it looks.


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