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Contacted the GPO vehicle owners bikes not GPO.
someone must of just liked red over the history of the bike.
will keep it as it is as its different

The BSA OC have copies of the despatch records. The records also show special orders, like red paint. The BSA factory delivered what the customer ordered. It may be worthwhile to have a look to see whether it was ordered with red panels.

Hello, what a lovely bike you have bought, it looks superb, it would be nice to keep as original as pos.. I have a Pitman's "book of the BSA" a 1950 reprint of a 1933 sixth edition. However it quotes in the Preface that it covers only 1936 and subsequent, so you may need to buy an earlier version to cover your machine. It is quite a useful general guide.
Regarding magnetos; this has been a sticky subject for me and I had more advice on where not to send it than where to! One I had originally done, quite cheaply (120), by a friend of a friend lasted just 3 years and not many miles. It was then forwarded to another f. of f. only to reside with him untouched for 6 months. Now retrieved it is in the hands of The Magneto Guys who have a 6 months waiting list and an estimated 400. I made my choice to use them going off their website. This makes it March when it will be returned and only after a while could a verdict be given. A club member who I don't know personally has recommended FTW in Sheffield who had a 6 Week waiting list. So a personal recommendation is what's really needed.
Good luck with the bike, these are quite simple machines really nothing that can't be sorted one way or another.
p.s I am half way through the preservation of a 1936 Model 18 250cc

There is also a sort of lime green booklet from BMS covering BSA motorcycles from 1935 - 1940 including the WD M20. It turns up on Ebay regularly. I may have a spare copy but would have to look. The original version is red on white and was published by the MotorCycle or Motorcycling can't remember which one.

Thanks all for your comments about my bike. Its coming on well. I am trying to keep to what i call an older restoration.
i have had the black parts painted in satin black keeping all dents , marks on them.
I have bought a magneto fully rebuilt from a smashing fellow on thats sorted
The tank and wheels i have kept as red.
I managed to get a reel of rubber black cable and rewired the bike.
Its a shame about the state of the chrome on the tank, its very badly pitted, tried all sorts of cleaning it b6ut i cant get it any better . But i dont want to recondition the tank and lose the  patenia of the aged look, any hints and tips?

Timing the engine will soon be my next task.....anyone written some easy instructions for a novice?

Attached a couple of pictures of project so far......any comments i will be happy to hear ,,,,,but be gentle :)
(exhaust bracket needs to be made so its not level yet)


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