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Hi all, Newbie so treat me well please.
i have just purchased a BSA M34-12   1934    and would like to ask if any of you good folk could answer a few questions.
1) where can i get a technical service manual..had a search on the net and had no joy.
2) my bike has red wheels and red panels on the tank.....could it be Ex Post Office? Any way of checking......or is it that someone just liked red!  ( its like the telegram bantam red)
3) Anyone recommend a reliable  repairer of magneto and speedo.
look forward to your replies

2. Could be Post Office, a number were supplied to them. Apply for dating certificate from BSAOC Librarian - see BSAOC website under machine dating.

1. You could try The Pitmans Motorcycle Library series, by F J Camm. There was a 1935 edition. This will have some details but not like a modern workshop manual. Parts books are also available - the 1934 parts book covers the whole 1934 range. There are some instruction books covering 1930-36.

Hi , another question, might sound daft but  sure there is an easy answer.
i want to remove the panel with the instruments in the tank, disconneted the oil line etc but found that the wiring loom is too short to pull panel away from the tank.
should the cabling be longer ? Or is it that i need to remove the loom from the headlight?
if its that the cabling is too short i will run new longer cables on rebuild.
how long should the inspection lamp cables be?

Mike Farmer:

There is a Post Office Vehicle Owners Club. They may be able to assist or at least tell you whether it was ever PO.

Mike 8)

Thanks mike,  i will see if i can contact them.
cheers tony


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