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Hi all,
(8 inch full width)
I am trying to remove the brake plate and hub cover.
I have removed the nut & washer from the brake plate but it won't lift off.
On the other side of the drum, I have removed the circlip but every thing is just as tight and the cover plate won't move.
How do you take this drum apart?

It should just lift off once the nut is removed but there is probably a bit of muck or corrosion holding it.

Try moving the brake lever as you pull the plate.

If that does not move it then with nut removed the spindle will move inwards a bit so gently tap the brake plate end of spindle and it should free off. the circlip only holds the bearing cap and bearing in place and does not effect brake plate removal.

Photo shows cross section of the hubs.

Thanks for that.
How do I remove the hub cover plate from the other side ?

See the little pressed rectangle by the spoke in photo, there are a number of these around the edge of the coverplate, they just spring over edge of hub with some pressure.

To get it off I gently tap the edge of the plate from the brake side of the hub using an aluminium drift.

Some pattern cover plates use different indentations around the edge which still spring over and come off the same way.

Your misses is going to kill you when she finds out you've had that on the best furniture in the lounge ;D :o


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