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"resist the dvla, and i thought it was the u.k. ?"

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just been rolled by the dvla over a nice registration number on a a10 plunger. registration is on their website so i thought an older type blue v5 would suffice. sent of bottom slip. vender [66 year old who owned it for 30 years] sent top part all signed etc. the application went to central casework group who asked for proof. frame number, number plate and most bits of bike .photos sent. now they cant issue a v5 as parts do not constitute a roadworthy vehicle. when restored apply again and advise on the next process.
so dvla cant issue a v5 to a car without an mot? not roadworthy.
choose one of the following options?
get a car? buy your number plate? or pay your money and do as your told?

Mike Farmer:
Hi. Too late for you but the best thing in these circumstances is to get the seller to obtain a new V5 prior to selling. He is entitled to it but afraid that you are not.

It can still fail.


hi mike,
yes with hindsight i could of played the system better. obviously honesty is the worst policy with the dvla.

Mike Farmer:

The situation with regard to DVLA appears to be getting worse. Its now at the point where you need the level of evidence required for conviction in a murder trial.

So if after very careful consideration you (or anyone else) considers themselves hard done by do this: -

Write to the CAO DVLA Swansea. Write to the minister of transport and write to your local MP.

It may not work but but but  if we load them up enough maybe someone will listen. Trouble is they have the big guns. The longer we just sit back the longer it will go on and the worse it will get.

Its almost as if there is an orchestrated movement to stop restorations without going down the "SVA full test route"



I am framing the letter I got from DVLA a few months ago. I had noticed that the V5 for my Super Rocket stated the Make as BSA Super Rocket and that the 'Model' had been left blank. I thought it worth getting corrected to avoid any probelsm in the future.

DVLA's response was that they could not change the V5 as BSA had not issued a code for Super Rocket (!?). trying to be helpfu, I guess, they suggested that if I wanted to pursue the matter I should contact BSA directly.


I think we've identified a training issue!


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