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A10 Head id


Folks, trying to find the id on my A10 having removed it and barrels etc.and the only ID i'm picking up on the underside of the fins is  67-3066 or 67-1066. 3rd character is unclear. ID on barrels is 67-1074.
the Head inlet port is 1 1/16th and bore is def 70mm so all seems to fit, but can anyone confirm I'm either looking in the right place or the id is correct.
I have looked in the library parts listing and cant find a match.


It is an A10 head as fitted from 1954 til 1959.

67 1066 is the number for the basic casting of the head. The head with fixed fittings (guides) is 67 1065.

Fairly common BSA numbering system - for instance the rev counter inner timing cover is casting number 42 0154 but the finished item is listed as 42 0153 and the alloy head casting number 67 1549 is part 67 1548 with fixed fittings.


Many thanks for the answer, much appreciated.



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