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I am looking to buy a B44, 441.
Do they have a centre stand, or can one be fitted?
I start my c15 on its centre stand. It is much more difficult off the stand.
I doubt I could start the bigger engine that way.

The road version would have a centre stand fitted from new.

The B44 has an exhaust lifter so should be fairly easy to start though not everyone will agree. Some say electronic ignition helps.

Thank you.
I guess I will have to check for stand lugs on the frame, and allow for price of a stand.

I've got a 1967 B44 Victor Special & there's no lugs on the frame for a centre stand. I don't know about other models like the Shooting Star though. Yes, the engine is equipped with a decompressor & starting is a knack that once acquired becomes easy. In my opinion, its always been best not to start any bike on it's stand as it really stresses the stand / frame joints. You'll manage it ok!

Yes, I bought my B44 victor special from another member.
The frame has a centre stand, but I am not strong enough to lift the bike on to it.
I find that I CAN start it on the side stand.
I dont need to use the decompressor, just push slowly past compression, then it will start.
There is no choke on the concentric carb, so a tickle is called for. The throttle is left shut for starting, to avoid kickbacks.


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