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Hi Folks,
             I'm new here and have what's probably a very novice question, though I did do a search first and couldn't find anything.
I've just acquired a 1962 B40, which I intend to rebuild as an Enduro. I'm not too fussed about counting rivets etc. as it's going to be a primarily road bike (with a bit of green laning), so a few minor anachronisms (e.g. 12v electrics and electronic ignition)are OK by me. Sorry if that offends the purists.

I've managed to find a single sided front hub but, from my perusal of Rupert Ratios tomes I gather that it normally utilises a screw in wheel spindle.
Does that mean that I have to find a suitable fork leg to accept it, or is it possible to fit a different spindle that will match my original (clamp on) legs?
Many thanks

The single sided hub has a different arrangement for anchoring the brake plate - if it is a 7 inch one there is a small lug on side of fork leg into which a lug on the brake plate goes- see photo.

Your existing fork will have a lug which slots into the brake plate.

Easiest to source the correct fork bottoms.

Thanks Julian,
                     I rather suspected that that would be the answer. So my next question is where to find a fork slider.  I've been hunting around the internet and Fleabay for a few days and haven't seen anything yet.
Any bright ideas?

Many thanks

You will need a pair of sliders.

You can download a copy of the B40 enduro  parts book from this site;

Thanks for the help Chaps,
                      As was ever the case (with me anyway) the design has shifted. I've acquired  a 7"  tls brake to go in the full width hub (notwithstanding potential clearance problems on the fork leg) so it looks like the question is now redundant.
I'd rather have the extra stopping power than a lighter wheel for road use.
Now I need to decide whether to fit new rims or have the old ones re-chromed  ???


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