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South Derbyshire unfriendly?

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Ken Oaff:
Went along to a club meeting a few weeks back

Have been a inactive  member of this club  for several years

It was less than a pleasant experience, I was challenged by one person as to why I was there and if I was a member

Hardly impressed and not particularly welcoming

Not in a hurry to repeat the experience

Most bike clubs are struggling to attract members

It refreshing to see the BSA club has so many members it can afford to scare off members from attending meetings

Oh dear, that shouldn't happen. As chair of our local VMCC section, I always make a point of welcoming new faces - and there's usually one or more members chatting to them already. Perhaps South Derbyshire needs to take a look at itself.
Why VMCC? No BSAOC branches up here in the frozen North.
In the dim and distant past, I did ask if I could attend a BSAOC rally on a Norton and got a very frosty response. It did put me off.

Perhaps South Derbyshire needs to take a look at itself.
The other week a new member turned up and the organiser went and bloody well formally welcomed him and introduced him to the members during the meeting.
Another example of how unwelcoming SD is that at the recent rideouts there have only been Triumphs, Yamahas, Royal Enfields, some BSAs and some others I can't recall.
And to top it all at the recent BSAOC v Bantam Club skittles night the damned organiser kept bothering people by checking throughout the night that they were happy with the event and food.
I wouldn't mind but they never checked whether people were members!

I once went to Yorkshire and it rained. I've never felt like going back  ;)

I've been a BSAOC member for 20 years and South Derbyshire the last 17 and I do not know why I bother.

Last wednesday I rode my E*****d to Shardlow to join their ride out. Knowing that my health is less than good and it would be my first ride since the latest load of health shyte Giles the ride leader insisted I ride behind him so he could keep an eye on me. Other members looked after me. At the destination many members asked how I felt
What a shower of uncaring unsociable unwelcoming miserable curmudgeons :(

I enjoyed that evening so little that I may, if I'm feeling OK, go to their natter night next wednesday at the Shakespeare Inn Shardlow DE72 2GP


Ken Oaff:
Shame of it all was it was the local organiser who made me feel very unwelcome when I had previously met him at a meeting a few years back when he wasn't organising said group

wont be returning to that meeting ever again, there is another branch within riding distance


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