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Whats good about motorcycling?

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Whats good about motor cycling?
Forgetting that its cold (even in summer), its noisy (I like the noise).
Its dangerous. I like to pit my skill and roadcraft in riding.
Its uncomfortable. (I only do short rides now).
Whats good.
Getting it to start first kick every time.
Bends are fun. I feel I am using my body in a natural way
.similar to skiing or surf riding but much easier to do, at any time.
Leaning over. not just turning a steering wheel.
Overtaking any slow traffic stuck behind a Lorry.
Straight to the front at traffic lights.
But mainly nostalgia! When I was a Lad------.

Yes all of that Mick  ;D ;D ;D

Yes indeed but what about fixing them up
Also making them go well

Mostly on the boringly practical side...
Smugly drifting past long queues of stationary traffic
Being able to park almost anywhere
Sneaking through pedestrianised areas when lost (York, Cambridge)
Ignoring road closures in the evenings when the workers have all gone home - you can always get a bike through.
Looking down on sports car drivers
Receiving preferential treatment from traffic police (only works with old bikes)
Sniffing the breeze
Getting admiring looks from fine young things who have no idea how old you really are

  Motorcycling is a selfish, solo, indulgence for me--the smells, the connection with the outdoors, the unobstructed view of??, the exposure to dangers of the route that demand attention, more freedom from demands of work and society. So why don't I do it more often.


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