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hi I am new on bsa I got a jb20 engine jb21 model I would like to know how many they where produced ? and I would like to know where I could findthe front and rear fenders if possible?

thanks in advance

Engine with JB20 engine number is a B20 250cc side valve model from 1938 season. It would have been fitted into a frame starting JB20.

JB21 is also an engine number but for a B21 250cc ohv sports. It would also have been fitted into a JB20 frame.

The JB20 frames were fitted with B20 250 side valve engine, B21 250cc OHV sports engines, B22 250cc Empire Star engines and B23 350cc  side valve engines.

Expect a relatively low production number of around 1200 each for the B20, B21 and B23.

yes mine is a jb20 sport engine and frame are correct


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