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A10 rocker cover

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Thanks for all your comments gents. As I feared it looks as there is no easy or simple solution. If I had maching skills I would investigate making some studs that were about 1/8" shorter to give just a little more room for manoeuvre.

comb works fine for me , you need to snap some of the teeth to suit position but that's all


--- Quote from: Trev on 10 February, 2017, 16:26:12 ---Anybody know of a fool proof method of refitting the A10 rocker cover, and keeping the the pushrod location tool in place while doing so?

The best method I found was to use the comb but bend it in an S shape so that it fits flat on the top fin of the head then secure it with some thin mole grips, this holds everything in place and I find its pretty easy now, I hope your using one of my solid copper gasket sets, to stop the leaks.

Regards TTJohn

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--- Quote ---I hope your using one of my solid copper gasket sets, to stop the leaks.
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Indeed I am and it is due to the front nearside of the cover leaking that I have had to tackle this task. I also intend to use this (see image below) with the copper gaskets. This is what the product claims to be and to do. " An anaerobic sealer which means it only sets on the contact of metal and closure from air. If any is squeezed out it will not set and cause damage inside the engine. It stays liquid and dissolves into the surrounding liquid, unlike normal Rtv/Silicone sealer which will cure and cause damage from blockages". It is an exercise in 'belt and braces' I am sure that your copper gaskets are every bit as good as you claim they are, but I don't want to take any chances. I know that the rocker covers are notorious for leaking, and I really do not want to repeat this exercise any time soon. It really is a dreadfull concept.


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