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Identify model please

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wow some find!

is this the same model?


Hi Emilios,
I am no expert, but it looks your bike is a side valve and the fitting you asked about is a compression tap like part number 15-94 and EA 110 shown in the attached extract from a 1929 parts book.  A photo of the other side of the bike would be useful.

This isthe S29 side valve from the 1929 catlogue.

You can just about see the compression tap.

Hi Julian,
Just curious - what do you think about the mudguard shape in Emilios photo ? I've seen, "in the flesh" one 1929 500 cc twin port OHV with that wide mudguard with the forks penetrating the guard, but all others I've seen (including mine) have the narrow, valanced front guard.
Can't tell from the 1929 parts book if a mudguard option was that wide one or not.
Any ideas ?

I think the wide mudguard is part 24 7164 described on page 172 of the 1929 book as 8 3/4 inch wide and illustrated on page 173.


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