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Hello to all
A friend brought me a BSA sloper for restoration..
I did restore a lot of BSA with the last one being a BSA A7 1961.
The sloper frame number is P16*** and engine J16**
I cant ride the whole numbers cause my client doesnt allow me.
So i checked a lot on net and didnt found exactly what is the model is..i got very closed to BSA S29 althought but not too sure
Also i didnt found anything for restoration the engine so i order one instruction book which im not sure how much will help me
I really want ur help at least about what model of BSA is..

Can you post photos of the bike, that would help identify it.

Is it side valve or overhead valve?

One exhaust or 2?

Thanks for the reply..
The bike is side exsaust
But last night i made a search on BSAOC frame and engine numbers and i found that the model is S29 side valve sloper 1929
I will post a foto tomorrow
the bike doesnt have electric lights but acetylene ones
And i have only the im missing the rear light and the acetylene bottle
Other big parts that i miss is the rear stand and spring and the ftont and rear numberplates..
I hope i can get a help in this forum to find thode parts

The website "British Only Austria" has stands for sale, and "Cornucopia" have rear number plates and also springs for the stand.  The parts on both sites are expensive.

Thanks BEVANC for the parts info
i really dont know what is that thing on the head next to plug..i dont know if the PO put it..
Anyway if someone have any info lets hear it


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