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A65 Lightning 1972 oif
« on: 28 December, 2021, 12:56:46 »
I attach a photo of my A65.

This is my first attempt with a project bike, bought as a non runner from Ellen in Aberdeen shire but has a Croydon registration OVB409L. The bike looked complete but the previous owner was not able to provide any history about the bike, having been persuaded to buy it as a project from a friend who had in turn bought it on ebay.

The bike looks clean but there are signs of some bodging and the wiring is a mess. I am working my way cautiously over the bike, hoping to make it into a decent runner. I am learning as I go, rewiring at the moment.

If any club members have any history on this machine I would be very grateful to hear it. The engine number is A65L G E 10423.

I am not near any of the branches (SW Scotland) but it is nice to hear that they are active. I have benefited greatly from the club's information database with workshop manuals and the articles in the Star.