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b44 crankcases
« on: 25 November, 2021, 18:31:05 »
HI i recently but a 1967 b44  frame No b44 ea engine No b44 r .I did have the engine running before i decided to stripping it down.On stripping it down i have found a few problems 1 the top ring was missing and piston badly pocked marked. 2 the little end is worn more to one side than the other. 2 The crank cases do not seemed to be a matched pair there are different numbers on each half besides witch where the barrel goes in its not  full circle and there is a lip were the two  halves meet. There is a set of b44e cases i can get off the net should i get these ,if so would the parts from the b44r fit ok with the b44e cases.Thanks tribon