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Sloper brake problem

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I have to reverse my Sloper out of the garage down a steep drive but this has became a real challenge as my front brake does not work at all in reverse! I can end up in a real pickle if the engine stalls as sometimes I need tp manoevre back and forth around cars parked on the drive. I have yet to develope the skill of kick starting the  bike whil holding it on the brake with the other foot!

Any suggestions on how to fix the front barke so it won't roll backwards ould be gratefully recieved.

Sounds like your front brake is a left toe operated option?

If yes then you could consider converting to either hand operated or the dual hand/foot operated option?

The significantly shorter cable from handle bar might help improve operation?

No, I'm afraid its already hand operated Julian.

If I ever get round to fitting the sidecar I have a left foot pedal to operate the sidecar brake. Its a new repro pedal off ebay but you'd never guess, beautifully cast steel and all the fitting and a spot-on BSA piles arms stamped on it.

I thought there was a dual braking system on the sloper, when the front brake is applied it also operates the rear also.


I dont think they were linked front and rear.

You could specify either a foot operated front brake (left toes)  or a hand operated front brake or a front brake with hand and foot operation, with rear operated by right foot.

Photo from 1929 catalogue.


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