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BSA Starfire - Respray
« on: 28 October, 2021, 19:57:06 »
Does anyone know someone who can respray my BSA Starfire tank and side panels in the original colour?
I'm based in Croydon, South London.


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Re: BSA Starfire - Respray
« Reply #1 on: 29 October, 2021, 14:45:34 »
Easiest way is to get some paint yourself ( sources online ) of the correct colour and take your tank etc to any body shop or car body repairer and negotiate a cash price for getting the parts resprayed.
A bit of advice; make sure the fuel tap threads are masked off, also mask off the fuel cap rim or the cap will not fit and remember any derusting and internal preparation of the tank needs doing first.
If having the tank shot blasted mask every orifice well or you will spend a hell of a lot of time getting the bits out of the tank!


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Re: BSA Starfire - Respray
« Reply #2 on: 21 November, 2021, 14:11:38 »
I had my A50 Tank and side panels done by Paintwork Express near Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. 01945 701510. The guy's name is Geoff and he did them to match the colour of my '69 Starfire and did a fantastic job. Also, he does everything, even the transfers and lacquers over the top, in other words, unlike a lot of car sprayers, he will shotblast any old paint off, fill any dents etc and spray with 2k all coats, rather than getting you to do the donkey work first.