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NEC Show...
« on: 15 November, 2021, 19:25:59 »
  Just a note about the Classic Car and Bike show... Yes the BSA lads were there in good numbers and all were very quiet and respectful to the Hon Sec and the publicity guru. Members were recruited and paid their dues . Though it was a bit dodgy giving a scouser readies of the realm. There was one person present riding a scooter each and every day and even had the audacity to ride amongst the public when he was on a mission to collect the coffee's and teas. The kettle was not available so we had to cough-up for a brew. De-hydration was close on some members as they were looking after the pennies for fortification when the bar was open.
         The main topic on each day was not the meeting in Scotland about the polution but how to extract urine from any poor mermber that dared to put his head over the parapit. One new recruit was included in one of the sketches and will return to Leeds in need of psyciatric nursing after the pasting he received and that was for only signing the membership form... I also have to report Arthur broke his lap record on the scooter and managed to lift a wheel when sliding onto the stand where all the youthful members dance ut of his way as directions of the scooter were more by luck than design.
                  Will I come back to the NEC for another show ??  Depends if I get invited and 'Dads army ' let me out of my (to be fitted )   jacket.. (of the straight varity).  I shall now go and lie down so that the nurse can administer the needed medication preferably malt from Scotland.....     Griff
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Re: NEC Show...
« Reply #1 on: 13 December, 2021, 15:01:50 »
I have to offer my sincere apologies for not replying sooner, each time I try, I cry with laughter & the keyboard fuses.
The best stunt was taking the cash (credit card details are no use to me) and even giving the new member change.
It was probably a lack of coffee that caused the drop in concentration leading to me hand the monies on to Phil.
Weatherspoons have a great attitude, buy 1 coffee and get free top-ups all day.
After closing, we even had one of the security guards around for a look at the bikes - BSAs and BSA people are the most welcoming anywhere. And yes, it's good to see new members and visitors joining in the fun.
I had a laugh on the Sunday when a small group were looking from outside Phil's chain. I heard a familiar accent so tackled a fellow Scouser. They were stunned when I asked if they were all Bizzies. The retired one asked how I knew what they were - the youngest and biggest was setting off his T-shirt & ragged jeans with a fine pair of shiny Bizzie-boots!
Be sure to grab me at the next event & I'll buy you the coffee that you crave