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Just bought a D7 - can anyone recommend 2 Stroke Oil Manufacturer and Petrol type to use, also what ratio for the mix ?
thanks in advance

20:1 is normal although manulal says  16:1 for some oils (oils have got better).

If you have not got a manula you can dowload one for free from here:

Service sheets are also available foc if you search the web.

cheers - very helpful

It's been a while since I ran my D7 De Luxe but the 20:1 brings back fond memories - GAT60D where are you now? The Esso garage I used had a separate 2T petrol pump that mixed the fuel/oil as it went into the tank. I was reminded of the plume of blue smoke behind when I topped 40mph   :) The only reason I mention this is that on yesterday's club ride there was a member with a rather nice 1950s DKW. He was running it on a synthetic 2T oil - sorry, I didn't think to ask which brand - but his exhaust was totally smoke free, even at 50mph. I was rather impressed.  8) Times have obviously changed.


I went on a British Two Stroke Club run yesterday and was tlking to a chap there about the synthetic 2T oil issue. He said that the Ariel club  had done some work on this and found greaer engine wear on synthetic than traditional mineral oil. Ihave not got round to  confirming this yet so treat it as just hearsay if you like.


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