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Mike Farmer:

Hi. Greetings.

Would you kind gents assist me in identifying this Sloper: -
                                                     Frame No  Y75736. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Mike 8)

Hi Mike,
I have a photocopy of some data that I believe came from VCC records, showing 1931 and 1932 models as all starting with "Y7".  The last one on the page is 1932 Y7 5033, so presumably your one is 1933 or 1934, depending on how many they actually produced in those years ? Shame I haven't got the next page from their records - probably has numbers listed close to what you have.

For info, it also shows the 1931 & 1932 engine numbers with "Y10" prefix and numbers ranging from 570 up to 2535.



"Y" is the year letter for 1931 BSA models. The letter changed to Z for 1932 so what you have is a 1931 number.

Read  Y5 as a prefix and 5736 as the number.

The photo is the factory service sheet with the 1931 numbers you should be able to workout what your Sloper is by adding your engine number.

Mike Farmer:

Ho Ho Ho.  The engine No is Y8 1250 which if I am reading this correctly is a 557 SV. However this engine is actually OHV.

So what thoughts do we have on this. Have I simply read it wrongly?????????? Age does things like this. Or has it had a heart transplant SV/OHV and the same No has been used. Or is it possible to do a marry up job and put the OHV top onto the SV bottom.

Mike 8)

Not sure about mixing SV and OHV parts there seem to be a number of differences in the parts book but who knows?

Would be worth getting a Dating Certificate to see what the despatch records show on your numbers.

A number of 31-8 bikes went to the Post Office.

31-8 brochure entry show below.


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