Author Topic: 1964 A50 Star fitting a 1964 Watsonian Kenilworth Double Adult Sidecar & SV Chas  (Read 208 times)

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JD Kenilworth

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Good morning to all here, I have just registered after just buying my first BSA A50 Star 1964 Registered which when first bought
was bought as a Combination Outfit fitted with a Watsonian Sidecar from Kings in Wolverhampton (after exstensive research on this). Now when I bought the BSA A50 the sidecar was missing (the previous owner had it but took it off and sold it, idiot for 100, 7 years ago !) Luckily he had photos of it but could not remember which model it was other than it was a Watsonian, so again after much research I managed to 1: Find the Model which was a Kenilworth Double Adult. 2: It had the SV Chassis and 3:
Managed to find one for sale which was advertised as a 1950s Sidecar (seller not knowing what he had) as it still had the Original Watsonian Plaque on it which could be dated as being a 1964 (the letter R on the Plaque) needless to say I jumped on the advert and bought it as it was all complete/original and exactly what I wanted. Now I have been restoring the chassis and sidecar which is almost ready to be fitted But, again after reseach and containg Watsonian who are now Watsonian and Squire and still in business I am still none the wiser on how to Fit it to my BSA A50 Star. Watsonian said they will come back to me after sending them many many photos and details but alas still no reply/answer, hence time to join you guys here to see if anybody out there has any answers please? I will attach some photos asap of what I have and the parts/tubing (on my other laptop) to see if all parts are there (I believe they are) and go from there, many thanks in adavance as doing this also for my father who back in the day has a Gold Flash in the 60s with many a story he has told me, Regards John


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Hi John,

There a few posts in this sidecar section that may give you an idea of fittings needed and a couple of photos.  If you google BSA sidecar fittings you find lots of images as well.  Are there any attached to the sidecar that you have bought and can you post a few images of the righthand side of the chassis?  This will help with suggestions for what youn will need.



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Hi John,

Not sure where you are geographically but when you have some more ideas about the fixing points and therefore the options for the fixings you might want to give me a shout as I have a fair few Watsonian sidecar fittings left over from the parts I've collected to hook up my bikes to a Briggs (offshoot of Watsonian).

I briefly had it on an A65 - so same frame as yours - but now on an M21. There may be some parts which could be of use to you but as they're all pretty heavy shipping might be a consideration ( I'm in Norfolk ).

Feel free to PM me if you want any info about the bits I have to see if they're of any use - I'd never ridden with a sidecar until I built my current combo but am loving the experience and haven't bent it yet!


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