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Re: Dandy spares
« Reply #15 on: 22 June, 2018, 06:34:23 »
The only problem with Dandy spares that come up on eBay in particular, is that people seem to feel they can ask silly prices for some items - rare means expensive to them. I have seen the plain triangular seats go for at least 150 in the past and even rotting silencers offered for similar prices. With Dandy's, I would always recommend starting with a complete bike otherwise you can end up paying as much for the missing bits as for the original bike. It sometimes makes sense to buy a complete donor bike in poor condition if it has the parts on that you need as you can always sell off the bits you don't need.


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Re: Dandy spares
« Reply #16 on: 08 September, 2018, 20:22:15 »
There is a complete Dandy boxed, in bits at HJ PUGHS auction next weekend, I would think it will be very cheap, worth a look.
Pughs is in Ledbury. Good luck mate.

John Woolridge

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Re: Dandy spares
« Reply #17 on: 08 September, 2018, 23:30:28 »
Thank you, good of you to take the time, I actually bought. A second unregistered Dandy some time ago and have I think enough parts to finish up with a decent bike. The second bike had all very good chrome which my first one hadn't  and was generally in better condition than my first one but since I'd already dismantled the first one and stripped the paint of it I decided to carry on with that and pick the best bits off either to complete. It's on the back burner at the moment as I've just bought a small camper which needs a bit of attention but once that is done it will be back to the Dandy. When it's finished I will have quite a few good condition spares to sell myself to try and recoup some of the 1500 or so that I have spent. Cheers for the heads up though, John.