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More shenanigans
« on: 08 June, 2021, 16:04:29 »
Hi Guys
More shenanigans
So the Starfire’s running great, most problems sorted, still marking its territory, handles like it mystically reading my thoughts, brakes not bad, sounds great, looks fantastic…(in my eyes!)
Went for a run the other night, got over taken by three of them plastic missiles which now resemble motorbikes, don’t like being over taken, knew the road ahead is quite twisty, they weren’t pulling away quickly despite the high revving noise, thought let’s have some fun…….
One of the riders looked back at me, target locked on!!, had no problem keeping up, defensively apexing the curvy bits, a few bumpy corners a tad offline (the pogo sticks out back not doing their job), got to a long straight, which became a dual carriageway I was flat on the tank trying to keep up (me 16 stone, combined age, me and the bike 105!), Bare in mind the vibration above 50MPH is so bad you can’t see anything in the mirror, got to 70MPH! Bloody clever BSA making the bike flat out at the legal limit?
They were pulling away, as expected so I settled down and plodded my way onwards, but I had to stop as my arms were like Popeye’s with the vibrations, and there was a slight smoking of burning oil which had seeped from the cylinder head, so I went to the popular burger chain (Mc) had a some fries, salad and a strong coffee, as I was outside never losing of the Starfire (trust no one) the three bikers pulled up, parked next to the BSA had a good look. They went in and ordered some burgers and fizzy drinks came back, looking at them it then dawned on me their bikes were only 125s, one even had an L plate! Maybe I have been away too long?
They sat on the table next to me, one of the guys struck up a conversation, I guess all bikers have something in common, we admired the merits of motorbikes and the little race we had, was very pleasant conversation until one of the other guys said, my granddad had one just like that, should that be on the road?, cheeky little twat!
Anyway almost time for my bedtime coco, so I made my way home, parked her in the garage, covered her up, placed drip tray underneath, locked the garage went inside the house, misses said “good ride?” I said “just plodding along”, she said her brother’s kid is on Insta? And he had a race with some old bloke on an old bike looks just yours!!
Another great evening ride, although they seem more like little adventures☺


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Re: More shenanigans
« Reply #1 on: 08 June, 2021, 19:24:07 »
Good stuff that made me laugh!