Author Topic: 1929 Sloper 500cc Crankshaft Rivets  (Read 947 times)

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1929 Sloper 500cc Crankshaft Rivets
« on: 31 July, 2017, 07:51:46 »
Hi Folks,
Have now discovered the rivets which hold the flywheel [on the primary drive side] to the primary drive shaft/stub are loose and as a minimum the rivets need replacing - so 3 questions:
1. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement rivets?
2. Does anyone have a drawing of the rivets and material specification?
3. Has anyone tried using High Tensile Steel bolts instead of rivets?
Hope someone can help!


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Re: 1929 Sloper 500cc Crankshaft Rivets
« Reply #1 on: 05 August, 2017, 21:24:02 »
Hi Ray,
I have forwarded an email reply I got from David, he included a couple of photos that I'll put into the Google drive folder you have access to, but since you've got your engine apart, you'll have seen it anyway.