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  Any recomendations for oil to use in my Bantam petroil mix ?  All supplies I brought back from France exhausted. I used Elf 2T oil before. Think it was mineral based..... Griff

I have recently been using Shell VSX Synthetic. I have also recently been having problems with poor running when cold, progressiveky getting worse and only fixed by fitting a new spark plug each time. I cvannot be sure that its the new opil but that is the only think I have changed recently. I am going to try a hotter plug.

Sorry this does not diectly answer your question Griffo but hopefully others can chip in and at least we can rule out some unsuitable oils

  I was advised to avoid the synthetic based oils unless the engine was re-built with synhtetic based products. Just bouhgt some castrol mineral based , yes from tinternet as far cheaper... You pays you're money and takes the chance..   ::)  Griff


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