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Does anyone know if the ex-RAF WD B40 up for auction at the Bristol Classic Bike Show at Shepton Mallet on Sunday 5th Feb was sold, and if so, what price it sold for?



I can see that the guide price was 5000-5500. The actual auction results have not yet been published but, when they are, it will be possible to find out how much it sold for. I will also be interested and will let you know when the results are out if you don't see them first!

Hi Arthur

Got the results on the Charterhouse Auctioneers website, it is recorded as being sold for 3100.00.  This does not surprise me, there is a story behind this motorcycle.

At the last moment, prior to the sale, the machine's description was changed by Charterhouse, they added that it was fitted with "a replacement engine" (it didn't have the original RAF GR engine, it has an Army GB engine fitted).  They added an amendment saying it was restored to "near original specification".  Also the estimate was revised down from 5000-5500 to 3800-4200 prior to the sale.

I have researched this actual machine in the past and I have a copy of it's RAF history (the Auctioneers/vendor stated it's history was not known).

I am unwilling to mention any more here but should the new owner be a member of the BSA Owners Club, or should any member know who it is, I would be very pleased to pass on what I know about this particular motorcycle.


Hi Dave.

That is still quite a low price - I'm sure he might have done much better by having auctioned it on fleebay as that would have reached a much wider audience.

Dave Arthur

I saw the bike at the auction.

It was a bit disappointing and , in my opinion, not as good as the auctioneers original description.


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