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I managed to pickup front and rear Ariel hubs for A10 today at SCRMC autojumble, what are members opinion on these as opposed to the Bsa fw hubs, I will have to get them built up into wheels before i can use. I always thought the Ariel hubs looked quite good. thanks derek

The Ariel hubs are lighter than the BSA full width hubs, better looking and have a superior adjustment method

Just twigged your name on here!  I posted your fork sliders (I'm mallardandcarpet on Ebay) on Saturday - and the minute I walked out of the Post Office - I thought 'I should have messaged you - to ask if you were going to the Haggis Gathering'.  I picked up a couple of goodies there too - but not much!
Hope you get on okay with your Ariel Hub, some say they are not the most efficient brakes - but in good condition and well adujsted, they should do a decent job (nice wide shoe and drum).  I have one on the back and it feels and works fine.
I have one for sale just now as I went with the 8" FW front.  Watch what spoke pattern you get for that hub - I made the mistake of not realising the WM2 wheels came with a bunch of different patterns (1x1, 2x2, 3x1? etc).  Ironically I just sold a brand new central wheels rim for half the price it cost me (ended up with quite a few spares by making this kind of mistake a few times)!  By the way - don't think those sliders you bought will go with the Ariel hub/7" brake!
Anyhoo Let us know how you get on.  Look forward to bumping into you at some random event north of the border.  Why don't you stick something up telling us about your project - it's good to hear what others are doing and have planned.

Best regards Raymond.

You do need the correct front sliders for the Ariel front hub these have a 1" dia hole at the bottom and from memory I think the rear swinging arm is also different. The bearings in the Ariel hubs are 1" internal dia whereas the A10 hubs have 7/8" internal dia bearings.

Must have been a few of us at the Haggis Bash. The Ariel hub brakes are reckoned to be no better than the BSA 8" full width ones. Not very good then. The advantage of the BSA full width one is that you can fit a TLS brake plate as I have done. There are a couple of things to watch for - see the relevant thread.   


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