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Hello, new arrival

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Hi all,
just found your forum, I learnt to ride in 1971 on a C15, and have had this C15 for the last 5 years, bought it as a runner and just kept improving/mending as I went along.
My other bike is a Hinckley Triumph Street Twin, (is that the wrong thing to say on this forum?)

Here is my 1964 C15.

cheers om

Nice looking C15. I also have a Hinckley Triumph!

I bought the bike 5 years ago, it had just been overhauled, loads of teething problems, all of which introduced me to the bike, usual stuff, gear shift fell off in cruise, clutch failed because the little grub screw came out of the clutch operating rod, bits of electrical failures, spark plug threads were shot, took the head off for an insert repair and pleased to see the piston and bore in as new condition. Slowly tidied her up with little mods and improvements, now is an easy starter, I was thinking of uprating to 12 volts and electronic ignition, but she is running ok as she is.
I have had five Hinckley Triumphs, Trident 900, Bonneville ( 2), Adventurer, and now Street Twin.

Bought my C15 recently with long mot so plenty of time to fettle. I'm close to Bugad motorcycles so handy for spares.

I've also had Trident 900, Trophy 900 now on Trophy 2002, 1200. Tried to download pic with no luck.

I used Bugad as well, recently bought a front brake cable and exhaust from there, they seem to have everything on site. They also have the odd C15 for sale, they have one requiring finishing for sale at the moment.  Not only a good inventory, nice bends on the way there as well.


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