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nigel hunt:
as im new to this older bike restoration im a bit green tyo everything , maybe a stupid question but on the lucas m01 magdyno spark plug pickup , is the wee carbon brush inside supposed to be spring loaded and sit against the slipring , mine is sparking but very weak and when i took the pick up off its nowhere near touching the slipring , nor is it spring loaded its actually stuck up inside the plastic body slightly , can anyone confirm this for me

The brush should be spring loaded and should move easily in the holder.

Sometimes they get stuck with carbon dust, try some WD40 on it .

nigel hunt:
il give it a go i just looked quickly at it earlier

Just a suggestion - I had a worn brush on the MO1L magdyno fitted to my Panther.  I bought a cheapish replacement which turned out to be useless - could only get the bike to fire up when I put the original one back in.  Some are too hard and others too soft I gather. Don't go the cheap route if you need a replacement; that would be my advice !

Here is a great tip regarding brushes :
If you can draw on some paper with them and they draw well (like a pencil would ) then they are cheap copies and not fit for purpose.
If they will not draw and feel scratchy on the paper, then they are OK.

If you have used the cheap ones then you will need to clean the slip ring as it will be contaminated.


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