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andrew w:
I hope someone can help me on identifying my bike, I believe its a rocket 3 but with no plate on it I have no idea what year it was made or registered, I bought it has a restoration project. It is quite rough, painted blue with a blue frame, the speedo is missing and the rev counter has a black face but is in a bad state. The exhaust is a 3 - 1 which is definitely not a BSA exhaust as it looks like a plumbers nightmare. I have seen a couple of different styles of exhaust on the rocket 3, the ones with normal silencers on them and the ray gun type, which ones would my bike have had on them originally?
I have attached pictures of the engine and frame number but I think they read.
Engine - NE00157 A75RV
Frame - NE00157 A75V the second zero is very faint but I think it is a zero, I could double check by removing the paint if you think it would help,

Thanks in advance



N = October

E= 1971 season - August 1970 - July 1971.

So NE= October 1970.

I suspect it did not leave the factory until early 1971

A75RV - Rocket 3 with 5 speed box. Likely US market model.

Photo from 1971 US brochure.

Welcome to the forum,  You'll find experts like Julian very helpful in your mission to do something with your BSA.
One word of advice from a novice - keep all the paperwork and information you might already have (especially where and when you bought the bike/project, receipts and all) - this will come in handy when you come to register the bike (if that's your intention).  Previously exported and re-imported bikes have to be HMRC customs cleared before you can do much with them.
You'll find tons of useful information available through the wider OC website, like dating and processes.  The facilities, data, information and expertise on hand (like Julian) are second to none and way better than other OC organisations.
I'm a bit jealous - your A75 find is a rare thing these days - and I certainly never fall across any like that.

good luck

Production run of the A75RV was about 200 bikes from a total of about 1100 Rocket 3 bikes made in the 1971 season .

Slippery Sam is spot on when he says it is a rare find.

I dont think the UK customer got many if any 5 speeds from BSA that year.

andrew w:
Thank you all for your invaluable help.
I will post some pictures of the bike as it is now and has I go along restoring it if that is ok with everyone

Thank you



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