Author Topic: Stop Press: National Motorcycle Museum Culture Recovery Fund For Heritage Grant  (Read 117 times)

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We have just found out that the NMM have had their application for a grant from the Culture Recovery Fund For Heritage Grant scheme  refused.

As you can imagine, the management and staff there are extremely disappointed as they were hoping to be considered favourably due to their unique collection of Historic British only bikes.

As members will know, we sent out raffle tickets for their covid appeal raffle back in the summer. So, if your tickets are still waiting for you to fill in it's more important now than ever to give them some support. Remember you could be the proud owner of a B31 for the sake of a couple of quid!


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Strange, but more baffling is the fact that the museum has closed its doors during this pandemic and no one can visit - surely an unwise decision from all viewpoints but particularly from the financial aspect, as evidenced by their current fiscal situation. Living within 25 miles of the museum and frequently travelling right past the place I often called in... thing is... there were never crowds of visitors, usually maybe three or four people per hall, given that the exhibits are arranged sequentially it would be just about the easiest of locations to initiate social distancing measures with one way systems. Sammy Miller has achieved the appropriate safeguards and is not closed, likewise the tank museum and many other venues. The kit they sell in their shop is overpriced bigtime, but almost all visitors end up buying goods (me included) and the mark up must be substantial (ungrudged) and financially beneficial, it is not surprising they are struggling!