Author Topic: C15 ss Max speed  (Read 14706 times)

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Re: C15 Sportsman Power output
« Reply #45 on: 21 October, 2020, 16:16:51 »
New to the forum, and just been reading with interest the previous posts regarding the C15 performance.
I have recently purchased a 1966 C15 Sportsman, fitted with the C15FSS engine.
Looked all over the place for the full engine specs for this particular engine, without success.
Typically, the maximum power output is always listed as 15bhp, applicable to all the roadgoing C15s.
The Sportsman as I read it, has a slightly tuned engine, different, cam higher compression piston, larger inlet valve etc. (SS80 Spec)
I think it was BSAs attempt at improving the power of the basic C15. surely the power output should, be greater than the standard C15?
Hope you can help.