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Singles / Re: WM20 gearbox parts
« Last post by chaz on 11 June, 2019, 18:41:32 »
presumably you have tried the Dutch site?
if you have the machinery make the bushes your self, Im in France at the moment but I do know there is a service bulletin with sizes of bushes on. knowing British parts stores and designers its possible that later bikes used the same bushing so see if you can draw one up and check against the list. ebay might have some listed, you could try BSA bush in search and some sellers list size s on listing.
there are some bushes currently out of stock for the B40 which Ive found under Triumph numbers.
someone specialist like MArk Cook PES or Steve Riley at Piston Broke in Bristol 0117 941 2300 can make, or our own Rupert Ratio is well known..
if making yourself allow for interference fit on outside dia and a reaming allowance on bore. a phosphor bronze or similar is ideal, brass can be used..
Twins / Primary oil
« Last post by Singleton1963 on 11 June, 2019, 18:37:32 »
I am in the process of changing the old 6 spring clutch on my 1958 Super Rocket to a nice new 4 spring from SRM. While I am waiting for it to be delivered I have been thinking, what on earth does the ATF oil in the primary side do apart from leak out of the felt washer and all over the floor? Surely if I were to fit a really good quality modern primary chain with sealed lubrication then there would be no need for any oil in the primary side..........and no leaks!
 Would very much appreciate your thoughts.
Thanks for the welcome, I have printed off the membership form and will be posting tonight when I walk the dog. Thanks
Twins / Re: Help with Barn Find
« Last post by A10 JWO on 11 June, 2019, 17:15:30 »
You may find that the bike will run after a bit of elbow grease. I bought an A10 in similar circumstances and discovered the engine had been rebuilt and never run. I did a rolling restoration in the end and enjoyed every moment. $2,500 sounds about right. I get all my tips from Wayne Carini.
Singles / ignition on a B44
« Last post by MICKREEVES on 11 June, 2019, 15:06:22 »
Ive just bought a C25 with B44 engine. There are no sparks, and it has no battery.
It is fitted with a' MINI MITE by R and R' ignition system, and there are no sparks.
I cant find any details about this system ,so I can fault find.
Anyone know about this system?
Hello and welcome

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Twins / Re: play in clutch basket
« Last post by johnjag on 11 June, 2019, 13:39:19 »
Hi Julian & Bob - I did look on Burton bikes website and it was not listed, however I have just come off the phone to them, having spoken to an extremely knowledgeable Carolyne who said as the 4 spring clutch is not specific to the Spitfire I may need a new cage as well as a hub, dependent on what year clutch it is. So she has given me a casting number to look for and also a description of the different chainwheels so as to determine what year clutch it is. But once I have sorted that, they do stock the thrust washer.
Will let you know how it all ends up.
Hi Jon and welcome, re joining the club just follow the link on the main page for instructions  :)
Twins / Re: Help with Barn Find
« Last post by Mike Farmer on 11 June, 2019, 10:06:12 »

Just a suggestion.

Look on Ebay UK and see what US imports are going for, Then knock off about 40%-50%. Should give you some rough idea.

Mike 8) 8) 8)
Singles / WM20 gearbox parts
« Last post by Mike Farmer on 11 June, 2019, 10:02:32 »
 :) :)

Hi all

Just stripped my M20 gearbox and it is in a very sad state---Bearings, bushes, shims and oil seals dead in the water.

Is there any where that I can go and get all the bits off the shelf or is it a case of making them.

I know Draganfly has some of but not all the bits that I shall need.

Your assistance appreciated

Mike 8) 8) 8)
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