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Twins / Re: A65 Lightning project......
« Last post by geraldhattrick75 on 18 January, 2022, 23:53:40 »
Yes FD the spark looks real healthy.

I've had it jumping huge gaps.....  (I consider 1/4 of an inch huge... My missus doesn't though...)
Twins / Re: A65 Lightning project......
« Last post by FirebladeDreamer on 18 January, 2022, 23:23:34 »
5K ohms is a pretty standard resistive cap value.
What you donít want to have is a plug that has
an internal resistor as well as that will weaken
the spark quite a bit. But as long as youíre seeing
a good spark with the plug out of the engine
then all should be well.
Twins / Re: A65 Lightning project......
« Last post by geraldhattrick75 on 18 January, 2022, 23:16:02 »
Thanks Dave (I thought I might have offended you by not listening to what you were telling me, earlier- apologies if so).

I've borrowed the rolling road but need to return it by the weekend, and my mate who I was in contact with last week has got Covid, meaning that none of my mates will risk coming over to help me load  t'bike on t'roller.....

I'll see if I can get an extension on the loan.... 

Thanks for the suggestions.... It's exactly what I needed.

Re your mention of primary/ starting circuit, that is on the carb isn't it? (by the way Allen's don't appear to have any Mikuni VM30's in, so I'll get in contact with them tomorrow....)

I've also heard rumours about the plug caps needing to have a certain resistive value, mine are reading 5K ohm..... Does that mean anything to you?

Thanks again Dave,
P.S. If I sound desperate it's 'cos I really am....
(never had a bike so bothersome....)

P.P.S. I'll get the carb off tomorrow and re-examine that primary circuit.....
Twins / Re: A65 Lightning project......
« Last post by DAVE BRADY on 18 January, 2022, 21:47:53 »
Hi Dave,

I fitted a VM30 to my A65 back in about 2000.  I bought it from Allen's with their suggested jetting and it ran great from day one. I am not sure of the exact jetting but even if a bit out the bike should still run.   

One thing to remember is that with no tickler it is not easy to know if the float chamber is filling up.

From cold, I usually turn on the fuel and wait to give the fuel a chance to fill the chamber and get to a height so that the starter lever/jet can get the extra fuel through.  Then with very little throttle the engine should fire up and run with the starter lever being raised within about 30 seconds on a warm day.

It is possible that there is still a blockage in the primary/starting circuit.  Perhaps the rolling road starter may be a good idea as you can get the engine turning and open the throttle to use the needle/needle jet part of the carb.  Before that though, recheck that fuel is getting to the carb. 


Twins / Re: Sprocket sizes
« Last post by chaz on 18 January, 2022, 21:15:37 »
shame time has progressed so much, up to 25 years ago I could have made whatever sprocket you want or even gears in gearboxes, but our "engineering" company only has 10 machines now and not even an off hand grinding wheel, well there is one but has scotchbrite wheels on..
not sure (since the takeover) but Talon (in Yeovil) used to do custom sprockets and not sure, but our old Sykes gear cutters went to a firm in Bath
Singles / Re: Loctite inside engine
« Last post by chaz on 18 January, 2022, 21:08:49 »
we have used 638 bearing retainer for many years on other compressor applications, we have to prove to customer and transport officials as well as our engineering and design department that it is fit for purpose. never had a fail or problem.
Twins / Re: A65 Lightning project......
« Last post by geraldhattrick75 on 18 January, 2022, 21:07:55 »
Right then, the lightning has a good spark and spot on timing (thank you Dave B and others) and still it refuses to start. (or even kick back- like my Venom loves to do...)

I therefore have to suspect that the Mikuni VM30- 565 (small block) carb, which doesn't really seem to be getting any fuel to the cylinders, is at fault.
(All jets have been removed and blown through, as has the carb body airways)

I've put the float at the correct level (according to 'Allens' ( but they seem a bit vague about other things on the carb... Seems it was BSA looking at the options of using Mikuni back in 1965.

I have: removed the plugs, pressed down the choke lever and held my hand over the carb inlet while kicking it over to force fuel into the engine... without any success.

I have forced some sort of 'engine start' into the intake and directly into the spark plug hole..... Nowt, other than the occasonal farting back in the exhaust pipe.

I just seem to be going round in circles with this piece of sh---, er, beautifully engineered work of art.

does anyone on this site run an A65 with a Mikuni VM30- 565?  And if so, can you suggest anything?.... Please.

Alternatively, I have a couple of used Amal 389/206 monoblocs.... Is it worth while trying to get the engine to work on one of them?

Or, if any of you can think of anything else that I might do to get this damn thing running. (telling me to stick it where the sun don't shine is not going to help.... Anything involving fire or explosives will be given serious consideration......)

I'm now going to lie down in a very dark room......

Sorry if I sound like a pathetic, broken, man,

For some reason I found myself looking up the word 'Recalcitrant'..... Maybe as a future name for my bike.......  :(
Singles / Re: 1946 B31 - Steering head bearing (and some other parts)
« Last post by Gadorey on 18 January, 2022, 21:01:29 »
Thanks Pete, Iím in Helmstedt. What I need Iíve listed above, so if you hear anything let me know. I will come back to you for details on the mod, once I find a gearbox 😀
The Star and Garter / Dating Certificate Issue
« Last post by Skids on 18 January, 2022, 20:51:46 »
Just would like to say a massive thank you to Steve Foden for the super quick issuing of the verification certificate for my C11 👏, I only posted the documents to him last Thursday and the Certificates arrived with me in the post this morning , unbelievable service 👍
I bet the DVLA wonít be anywhere like as quick in issuing the V5 🤔
Twins / Re: Sprocket sizes
« Last post by Mike Farmer on 18 January, 2022, 20:25:37 »
 :) :) :)

Hi Dave.

Thanks for that, I don't fully understand their lingo so I'll have a chat with them tomo with luck. I've also been looking at bolton and they have some interesting items. I'll let you know.

Mike 8) 8) 8)
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