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Twins / Re: A65 rebuild
« Last post by MITCHELL on 23 April, 2018, 18:47:20 »
They look like the monkeys AW,bit pricey but as long as it's our secret,cheers, did think about chrome Mike but I think the chain would damage the Finnish on the teeth and possibly cause it to flake off (predictive text nearly got me in to trouble with that one).
Twins / Re: Thunderbolt Exhaust Brackets. OIF
« Last post by A10 JWO on 23 April, 2018, 18:03:23 »
Got a nice piece of steel and will produce my own, at least I know they will fit. Thanks lads.
Singles / Oil filter
« Last post by Phil C on 23 April, 2018, 15:59:52 »
Hello everyone, I thought I'd do an oil change on my 1965 B40F. In between the oil tank and the engine is a modification put in place by the previous owner - basically a valve (an old gas valve I believe) to cure the problem of oil running back down into the crankcase, when the engine isn't running, because the standard non-return valve is not working properly. So when you go to start the bike, as well as turning on the petrol, you must remember to turn on the oil. Anyway, when I took this valve fitting off the tank, rather than find a standard filter, I came across a mesh disc (see photo). In the mesh disc appear to be a few bits of metal. Any thoughts please? Thanks in advance.   Phil.
Singles / Re: B40 Fork Bushes
« Last post by JulianS on 23 April, 2018, 15:55:41 »
I would not use brass, use a phosphor bronze. If you do make your own the outside diameter of the top bush is specified as slightly greater than the lower to be a light push fit in the fork bottom, otherwise you may get movement between top bush and fork bottom tube  as well as movement between bush and fork shaft.
The Star and Garter / Re: Stafford Show
« Last post by ROYC on 23 April, 2018, 15:08:40 »
oohhh, shuks. :-[
couldn't have done it without the forums help.
Thank's lads.
Singles / B40 Fork Bushes
« Last post by Dabbist on 23 April, 2018, 15:03:54 »
Hi Folks, 
             Having heard tales of pattern bushes having wortse clearance than old, worn ones I thought I'd make some to fit properly. My old ones look like some sort of bronze, but I've seen new ones advertised as brass. Does anybody know what they should be?  I'm guessing that it may not make na huge difference, since there's no high rotating loads involved.
Twins / Re: A65 rebuild
« Last post by AWJDThumper on 23 April, 2018, 14:24:13 »
Sorry - that wasn't very useful as I notice it is marked out of stock!
The Star and Garter / Stafford Show
« Last post by griffo on 23 April, 2018, 12:21:23 »
  We had a winner at the show. Roy Clark with his A7SS and Watsonian chair won the best sidecar in the show. A lovely bike that was grwatly admired. Gave the team present quite a boost. Well done Roy for all your work....   Griff
Twins / Re: A65 rebuild
« Last post by AWJDThumper on 23 April, 2018, 12:13:22 »
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