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Twins / Re: Useless Choke Cable
« Last post by CROFTY1984 on Today at 16:11:51 »
I don't know about the monobloc, but on the anal MK1 you can remove the choke slide easily enough, but you need to block off the choke cable hole in the top. Either a blob of silicon or a proper screw from Amal.
Singles / Carb - gaskets/sealing
« Last post by hoogerbooger on Today at 15:44:38 »
Rupert ratio says use greased paper gasket against the head then 1/16" to 1/8" tufnol heat proof spacer, then O-ring .....then don't over tighten.

He also says too soft a spacer can be a cause of bending the flanges.

My Concentric has no 0-ring groove. It was mounted to a 3/8" rubber spacer  ( tufnol ?)with a paper gasket either side ( & no O-ring). I was just going to put it back as I found it greasing the paper gaskets both sides.

1) This sound Ok/likely to be sufficient to make a seal ?

2) Should I presume my 3/8" rubber spacer is best replaced with a narrower one or should I just be a bit more careful when tightening the nuts ?

3) Also Should the gasket on the bowl be greased or not ?

( I will fit as a reassembled whole carb....having checked all mating surfaces are flat.....& lightly tightening to avoid warping it.)

Twins / Re: Useless Choke Cable
« Last post by JulianS on Today at 15:15:36 »
Should be no problem with it removed, flood on tickler if it needs it.

Used my A10 without a choke for years, though I have now refitted one.

I suggest screw a blanking plug in the carb top when cable removed.
Twins / Re: Tank painting A10 Super Rocket
« Last post by ROBT on Today at 13:53:10 »
 I recently had my Victor tank sprayed and lined by these people in Poole, pleased with the results.

 Another place I've heard good reports about in Ferndown, though no knowledge of is


Twins / Useless Choke Cable
« Last post by Straw Bear on Today at 13:46:05 »
I have fitted all new cables to my bike whilst doing it up to prevent any misdemeanours whist out riding but sadly my choke cable lasted all of less than 50 miles :(
I am sure that it was fitted correctly but the nipple cam off the end thankfully I retrieved it from the 389 monobloc carb.
I was stranded and had a lengthy walk pushing home around five miles - nice that so many bikers just passed me by......

Anyway got me thinking the bike never needs the choke to start and I dont use in cold weather so could I safely remove it without any issues?
Singles / Re: C15S 1959 Oil Pump total oil loss from oil tank
« Last post by GUY HUTCHINSON on Today at 13:38:16 »
I've picked the head up, its been repaired with 'liquid metal' and a fine skim at our local classic machinery engineers. There was concern about heat distortion with a weld repair so close to the push rod tube area.
Next problem I can see is the gap between head and barrel being too great for the head gasket. To get around this I'm going to try a double gasket with copper spray to help seal it. Anyone else gone down this route or got views?
The oil pump seems to work pumping back to the tank (on kickover) but wont pump to the rocker union unless I put my finger over the tank return, might this resolve at normal engine speed?
The Star and Garter / Re: Stafford Show
« Last post by Editor on Today at 12:18:02 »
Great! Well done Roy. Let me have a picture for The Star.
Twins / Re: Tank painting A10 Super Rocket
« Last post by Mike Farmer on Today at 12:17:17 »
I know its a bit far out but I can give you the phone No of the guy that I use. Always done a fine job for me. He's at Andover. 1 hour (ish) from Blandford.

Mike 8) 8)
Pre War / Re: Parts book
« Last post by tonyairconchap on Today at 11:20:46 »
Hi, yes please iwould like to purchase it, i have sent you an email.
Singles / Re: C15 cam and gearbox bushes
« Last post by Dabbist on Today at 10:20:52 »
For the camshaft bushes, Rupert Ratio suggests using an expanding reamer for a "good fit". They also need to align properly, so fit the timing case and do both at the same time.
He suggest that there should be some free play but that the other end of the camshaft should not be able to rock by more than 1/16" each way. Alas he doesn't give a figure to aim for.
I'm not sure about the layshaft one, but I do have vague memories of reading some generic information for bronze bushes on line, so it may be worth a search.
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