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The Star and Garter / Re: "Smart" chargers
« Last post by chaz on Today at 13:40:03 »
my old Davenset charger had a jumper that you could swap between 6 and 12 volts, the workshop Sealey only does 12v but has a boost to use on cars while still in situ to aid starting. I looked for a new one recently, there are a few chargers out there but not many 6v. the intellegent ones are normally like the Optimate type that will keep the battery charged whilst still on the bike but generally they only keep the charge to the same as when its plugged in. so pays to go on a run to get full charge to maintain that.

Singles / Re: C15 running issue
« Last post by AdrianS on Today at 13:31:46 »
The Star and Garter / Re: "Smart" chargers
« Last post by Mark N on Today at 13:00:01 »
I have an Accumate 6/12v but also a trusty vintage 1950s lump that does anything thatís asked of it.
Try Ebay, type in ďVintage battery chargerĒ. If itís working, itíll probably work for ever!
Singles / Re: Gear change
« Last post by chaz on Today at 12:46:27 »
maybe selector fork worn
The Star and Garter / Re: "Smart" chargers
« Last post by chaz on Today at 12:45:20 »
there are 6v chargers on google or
Singles / Gear change
« Last post by Phil C on Today at 12:37:27 »
Just been out for a ride, only about ten miles, on my 1965 B40F. Beautiful day, great fun.

Something I'm wondering about: sometimes when I go to flick it into third gear, it appears to miss its gear and it's as though I'm in neutral. I flick it up again and it finds the gear. Could anybody explain that to me (a beginner) please?


Singles / Re: C15 running issue
« Last post by B Murphy on Today at 11:33:36 »
Thanks for the replies so far.

My C15 is positive earth, so does it matter if the bracket around the coil is bolted to the frame.
The Star and Garter / Re: "Smart" chargers
« Last post by paulm on Today at 10:17:41 »
I connect another battery to kid the charger
Twins / Re: Third gear
« Last post by Rory57 on Today at 10:15:36 »
New 3 coil spring now ordered!
Twins / Re: A65rebuild
« Last post by Mike Farmer on Today at 10:15:08 »
 :) :)

Yep each to their own. I still have mine chromed but when I spoke to chromers about the illegality they said "its nickel really but we still call it chrome". So that's the way I still go.

Love your day.

Mike 8) 8) 8)
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