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Twins / Re: 5 speed gear cluster
« Last post by WoodsyA9 on Today at 00:49:18 »
Hi all,does any one possess a quaife 5 speed gear box as i would like to borrow the camplate in order that i may copy it.Thanks
Singles / Re: Recommend a gasket sealant for Chain Cover - B31
« Last post by morven21 on 03 June, 2020, 23:26:50 »
If your cork gasket is still in one piece, not damaged overly, do this. Get hold of an oven pan or similiar, that gasket will fit into flat, put it in, weigh it down with some spanners, fill with water an simmer gently for 15 mins. It will swell back to size it was when new, an thus should seal well, if you tighten fastenings evenly an to same tension.before u start cooking it, wipe down well with white spirit, get as clean as can, so,s to remain , reasonably, in family's good books.
Singles / Re: M21 timing pinion marks
« Last post by morven21 on 03 June, 2020, 23:18:23 »
PeteC, Idie, thank you. I'll have another look at crank pinion. No, i know there's nothing on mag pinion, i remember timing up from way back, but i never had occassion to take off a mag or other pinions. In the late 60's, early 70's M's were still "current" bikes, the mags an stuff hadn't yet died. I remember when a mate bought a 500 kwacker triple we had im on the corners every time. U could actually see rear jumping out in little hops. Scary. Russel motors, sounds familiar. Ok, 'll just look at link, an get onto those two. Will update you. Y'health, Mark.
Twins / Re: Twin pipes or two in to one
« Last post by DAVE BRADY on 03 June, 2020, 20:40:18 »
My 750 has an A70 crank but with T140 pistons.  They are a bit shorter than the A70 pistons so give about 8.5:1 compression which seems to be enough.  With today's fuel it is better to err on the side of caution re pinking etc.
I hope to have it ready incase there any camps towards the end of the calendar.  If I find that we like it as we did before then I will tidy up the mudguards etc.

Twins / Re: Twin pipes or two in to one
« Last post by Allan G on 03 June, 2020, 20:08:10 »
Itís still in build stage at the moment, bottom end is together almost, just need to save up for the Bob Newby Clutch basket (I already have the front portion as it was sent away for balancing)

The bike was a us import with no nova, so Iíve had to assemble to to make sure everything fits etc before I strip it again and do all the paint. So hopefully sometime within the next 6 months should
See it on the road.

I plan fitting a 928, but the pair of 928ís I have, have gone walk about so it might be a 930. Itís got an A10 crank, still using the TS Bush, crank is balanced, but donít ask what factor, I have a load of paper work with all the weights etc but it doesnít state factor, but I assume i can work it out from the numbers on there. Bassett down did the balance work. Pistons are 79mm JE B44 pistons I bought from PES (aka CCM Great Britain) and Iím using a John Hill Alloy barrel. It comes with 2 gaskets so you can lower the compression if you wish with the thicker gasket, as Iím using this as a tourer I want the compression as low as I can get away with, trying to balance a bike with a passenger and luggage isnít easy... I might change my mind if I can get an electric boot for it... but until then.

The starting does concern me, cranking my dads super rocket over with 8.25:1 pistons is harder than my A65 at over 10:1, but I did find even that got easier with time and practice. 
Twins / Re: Twin pipes or two in to one
« Last post by DAVE BRADY on 03 June, 2020, 19:18:34 »
Hi Allan,

823cc so bored and stroked.  What carb and does it start OK on the kick start?  The PO of my 750 tried and 850 configuration but found starting it very difficult.
I have some big bore barrels so may try this in future or go the whole hog to 900+ with the Norton crank that I have.  I think with this only 3 gears would be needed.

Twins / Re: Twin pipes or two in to one
« Last post by Allan G on 03 June, 2020, 19:02:29 »
I agree Dave, itís nice to have the legs at top end but Iíd much prefer more tractable running and better economy. 95 with luggage and low comp pistons is a good output though. I was getting that solo before I fitted the higher compression pistons.

I would have thought the long stroke would have had a decent midrange (over and above a stock A65) for the same reasons as you I have fitted a touring cam (same as what we know as used on the A50ís but common placement on all late A10 and early A65) to the 823cc Thunderbolt motor. Iím not bothered about top speed, just want plenty of torque for 2-up with luggage
Singles / Re: B40 SS90 - still not right....
« Last post by berniej on 03 June, 2020, 17:12:42 »
You could give it a try Rog - I believe there is a league table of sacrificial values maintained by the Gods - goats are I believe only second but I had to settle for that due to availability constraints  :)

Twins / Re: Twin pipes or two in to one
« Last post by DAVE BRADY on 03 June, 2020, 16:54:09 »
Thanks Allan.
I think I will set the 750 as it was so that I can reacquaint myself with how it ran and then be able to compare when making changes and probably try some new ideas on the 650 including C/R 2nd pinions in place of STD 3rd.
The most I ever got from my 650 was an indicated 95 mph.  That was loaded up with camping gear and sitting upright, low compression and it was incredibly smooth at that speed and sounded great.
Rather than top end I am more interested in low/mid range and economy.  With the speed limits abroad and the traffic at home there is little legal opportunity for ton plus riding.

Singles / Re: B40 SS90 - still not right....
« Last post by Rog1 on 03 June, 2020, 16:48:20 »
Well done; I bet you're pleased. It might be that the goat sacrifice worked, just not in the way you expected.

You've got me thinking, now; there's a rare breeds farm not too far from me, and though they'd notice if a goat went missing, they do have quite a few reindeer...
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