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Singles / Lucas dynamo, is it correct for my b33 ?
« Last post by Bigsingle on Today at 00:12:54 »
Hi , need some help here , the dynamo on my bike a ,1954 bsa b33 is a lucas E3 HM-LO  200285
I wanted to do 12v conversion but I'm not sure if parts are available.  If this isn't the correct  dynamo can someone give me some numbers so I can hopefully find one and convert to 12v . Thanks.
Bantam / Re: D1 on buff logbook
« Last post by yosemite on 27 February, 2024, 23:56:58 »
That is good news but check that if you asked to sorn it when you filled in paperwork they actually did. A few weeks after getting my trident re-registered I got a letter saying it was not insured and I could be fined, when I checked online it had been taxed, not a massive problem as I simply sorn'd it but caused me a few moments of confusion, and if I hadn't checked could have led to a fine and points.
Singles / Re: Magdyno points issue
« Last post by neil1964 on 27 February, 2024, 22:28:14 »
I can probably send you one if stuck
Twins / Re: A65 brake light switch
« Last post by Gup holland on 27 February, 2024, 19:21:06 »
It was a Yamaha switch, i believe.
Twins / Re: OPRV expiry date
« Last post by LightningAndStarfire on 27 February, 2024, 17:54:01 »
Best way IMHO is to have an oil pressure gauge. Unfortunately only easily accomplished on the late models from 1969 onwards. However, there is a service sheet from Hap Alzina describing how to modify an OPRV enabling to study the function during startup.

Twins / Re: A65 brake light switch
« Last post by Dean Southall on 27 February, 2024, 17:00:35 »
 the modern switch you have installed is exactly the same as the one I fitted 20 years ago. Fit and forget.
On the A10 I fitted a micro switch in the bottom of the tool box with the operating arm projecting though the bottom of the box. a simple eccentric cam on brake pedal where the original switch spring attached made it very easy to adjust the sensitivity of the switch. Been on for 15 years no problem.
Twins / Re: OPRV expiry date
« Last post by Dean Southall on 27 February, 2024, 16:54:40 »
I guess the OPRV spring has an easier life than valve springs so as a rule I'd suggest changing it when you change the valve springs ( twice a century?)
Bantam / Re: D1 on buff logbook
« Last post by Dusty1 on 27 February, 2024, 15:09:34 »
Update got the v5 in the post this morning keeping original number plate thanks to the club and Steve foden for your help .Great club now the work begins thanks again
Singles / Re: C15 swinging arm thrust washer
« Last post by scifi on 27 February, 2024, 12:15:54 »
Have you actually taken the spindle out yet.  On some other bikes they get so stuck that they have to be melted out.   Yours has obviously ran for some time with that amount of free play, so why change it..?  If the bushes are worn then that is more of a problem.
Singles / Re: 54 b33 primary cover !
« Last post by Bigsingle on 27 February, 2024, 09:31:44 »
Hi the hub adapter is designed for a wind back , that's why it has a deep scroll in it to pump or draw the oil back into the primary cover,  I fitted a speedy sleeve  for a normal neoprene seal to run on .
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