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Singles / Re: Alternator wires C15
« Last post by B Murphy on Today at 15:47:10 »
Thanks Adrian

I don't know if this is correct or not. last night I remembered that I had two wires in the headlight (photo) that didn't go to any number on the switch or wiring diagram. I first checked with a light bulb across the two wires and it lit up, the higher I revved the bike the bulb got brighter so I just joined them together and now the ammeter moves into the + when I rev the bike and then drops back to the middle on tickover. I let it run for 10 mins like this and nothing untoward happened  like blowing a fuse or the wiring getting hot, the only thing that warmed up was the rectifier but I guess that it should do by dumping excess amps/volts what ever it should dump (see I'm no electrician) The battery is charging again. I hope someone can tell me what I've done because like I say I can't see anything on the wiring diagram telling me to connect white/brown and white/green together.

The Star and Garter / Re: Vehicle Substantial Changes
« Last post by DerekAnderson8 on Today at 11:46:45 »
Mike the most interesting thing about the whole reply is that common sense seems to have prevailed here at last!


Singles / Re: C15 rebuild dilemmas
« Last post by DEAN SOUTHALL on Today at 09:17:44 »
Hi pal and welcome to the forum.
In my view there is one overarching rule regarding bike restorations: its yours so do what you want. The only exception, in my personal view is to take care of rare irreplaceable components. We are after all only the current custodians!

Just to give another expeience of Indian repro tanks. I bought one for less than the price of rechroming one. It arrived chromed and painted within two weeks. It fitted perfectly and apart from minor flating in the polishing was well finished. I am very happy with it.

Chromium is still used by UK platers. The health and safety and envorinmental regulations and enforcement have quite rightly been tighted up considerably. This has added to the costs....but at least workers live longer and fish swim in our rivers again.

The chrome is only a flash covering over, typically copper then bright nickel. A good plater polishes imperfectiosn after the copper has been applied, saving removal original steel material (especially important if the tank has already been re-plated, and the steel can be getting thinner).
Singles / Re: Alternator wires C15
« Last post by AdrianS on Today at 09:17:19 »
Have you got a wiring diagram for the bike? If not, you can download one from the Bsaunitsingles web site.
Not sure on the correct colouring for your bike but with the diagram you can trace where each alternator wire goes to.If the battery is draining it could be faulty. The rectifier could also be faulty - not uncommon! Replace with either a regulator rectifier or one of the cheap solid state ones off fleabay for about 3.
Singles / Re: C15 rebuild dilemmas
« Last post by chaz on Today at 08:21:08 »
Hi, welcome to the forum.
my point of view.... after 40+ years of Brit bikes is my view as a worker on a budget rather than a 'professional' restorer. Entirely up to you and your budget. many will look for total 'concours' resto's or an oily rag daily user.
I did up , complete strip down and rebuild, a pair of A65 Thunderbolts. these were done using my work contacts and used daily . our tooling rep I always had disputes with. His restorations were 'concours' , better than when left factory, he trailered them everywhere and won prizes but never rode them.
I now have an A65, A7 and Triumph T100. All are chops/bobbers. It would cost me more to put them back to original and would rather ride than leave them in the garage where things can fall on them!
Entirely up to you.
As for the chrome tank, Indian modern replicas are poor quality. modern chroming is bright nickle not chrome. Its not as deep  and from experience subject to rusting from under the layers. Our chrome is outlawed as it contains cancerous chrome, our engineering company has had to change its plating needs due to someone who has had neck and thyroid cancer and regularly used chromate and di-chromate plating I can understand why!

entirely up to you and what you want to use it for.
Twins / Re: T65 petrol tank
« Last post by philliplye on 18 April, 2019, 23:11:38 »
You are right, I should have given the year and not just the model (T65). The bike is one of those oddities that appeared from time to time in the company's history, in this case, in 1973. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond.
Singles / Re: Alternator wires C15
« Last post by B Murphy on 18 April, 2019, 22:13:22 »
I joined the green/black to the dark green and the white/green to the light green and didn't notice any change to the ammeter which was slightly on the neg side so I swapped them around and still no change on the ammeter.

I tested the alternator with a bulb which lit up nice and bright, so the alternator works ok.

I then let the engine run with the lights on and within 10 mins the lights started to dim and then the engine cut out, the battery was now at 5v so it looks like the battery isn't charging but the alternator seems to be giving good output.

Everything is new i.e. new battery, loom, rectifier, etc.

Has anybody got any ideas, it's doing my head in now  :(


Pre War / Re: B series cup and cone swap for bearings.
« Last post by Rupert on 18 April, 2019, 21:54:01 »
Hi doivey, thanks for the feedback on the bearings, looking forward to being able to rotate mine...
The Star and Garter / Anyone going to Brands Hatch on Saturday ?
« Last post by Matt Brighton on 18 April, 2019, 20:50:11 »
Its the BARC classic cars at Brands and a few other series races.

No motorcycles but I hope this might be of some interest to the forum...
Its a good warm up event  for next months Historic Masters at the same track - and weather is set fine too

Both are great events to see classic racing cars - in action - the sounds are incredible.

Unlike Goodwood ...... it won't cost a kidney to get in either
If anyone is there on saturday ,  I will be parked  in the inner field.... with my top up  ::)....  in my 1982  T25 VW Devon Camper van  - pop by, say hello  and I will put the kettle on.

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