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Singles / Re: B25 Electronics shelf
« Last post by Trebor on Today at 14:06:45 »

I have both my boyer electronic ignition and the combined rectifier/regulator unit in a similar configuration under my B25 seat and not had any problems.


Singles / B25 Mixing new and older Cams and Cranks
« Last post by Trebor on Today at 13:46:39 »
Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has experience of running older B25 cams with newer crankshafts.

Camshafts can have up to three timing marks and RR recommends use of the "V" mark if one is present. This mark appears to be two teeth anticlockwise from the straight "I" timing mark with the third "." two teeth clockwise from the "I" mark. I assume that these three marks relate to the different models and years where the same camshaft was used but different amounts of advance/retard was used???

The camshafts I have have the single "I" mark, so my question is, can I retime the camshaft two teeth anticlockwise to coincide with the "V" location on my earlier cam???

Secondly, the engine I am rebuilding has a later crankshaft in ( lefthand flywheel drilled for timing plunger, after 69??), are there any differences between the later and earlier type crankshafts ie was the location of the woodruff key for the timing pinion moved in relation to TDC.

Hope this all makes sense.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Singles / Re: M21 parts
« Last post by spaceman on Today at 12:58:03 »
That sounds like quite a challenging restoration project. The difficult item on the list for me would be the petrol tank - whether or not it is repairable would depend on what form the holes are (pin holes are not too difficult to deal with) and how much internal corrosion there is. Finding replacement petrol tanks has always been one of the biggest challenges I've faced :-\
Singles / M21 parts
« Last post by Callow boy on Today at 11:36:37 »

I'm new to this forum and I'm considering acquiring an M21 circa 1954 with a plunger frame. Perhaps it's lunacy but it's for nostalgic reasons. My first bike was an M21 which I bought when I was about fourteen and I'm now sixty nine. It had a sidecar frame with a wooden box and cost me £16. For a number of years it was used around our dairy farm as a general workhorse until we broke a valve lifter when doing some overdue maintenance. We didn't know where to get a replacement lifter from and so it was put in the back of the workshop. Various bits and pieces were subsequently robbed from it and eventually it went to the scrap man. How I regret that now!

My question is how available are parts for the M21 please?

My incomplete list is in no particular order:

Carburettor and fuel line
Foot rests
Kick start lever
Front brake lever
Front brake cable
Tank badges
Oil tank cap
Battery cover?
Cover from other side to battery?
Primary chain case bolts and inspection cover
Possibly the engine drive sprocket
Rear light
Drive chain
Possible holes in the fuel tank
De-compresser lever and cable
Advance/retard lever and cable
Parts book
Owners hand book and/or workshop manual

I shall be most grateful for info or comments. Thank you.

Twins / Re: Chrome plating and re-chroming
« Last post by MJM_58SR on Today at 07:37:28 »
Iíve used quality chrome at Hull quite a few times. Have had rims, 2 stroke silencers (dirty) A10 tank side panels recently (£200). They also do polishing. Iíve found them to be good, decent turnaround and honest about what they can do.
Singles / Re: B25 Electronics shelf
« Last post by Ian C on 02 July, 2022, 16:03:03 »
I made a similar frame with plate for my B44 which picks up on the oil tank and upper toolbox mountings.
Singles / Re: B25 Electronics shelf
« Last post by Oliver Pi on 02 July, 2022, 15:41:13 »
A cool and innovative solution!  I will pass on the Kubota fix at this time, but my hat is off to your initiative and vision to see and complete the job. 
Twins / Help please ,RS Stamped on 57 BSA Rocket engine and gearbox ?
« Last post by TonupandRockin on 02 July, 2022, 14:41:31 »
This is my first post on this fantastic forum .
I have read for many years and really enjoyed the post.
I wonder if someone could help me please i have a 1957 Rocket .
It has a stamp on the engine case just above the oil pressure valve which is RS its properly stamped
Also it has the same RS  stamp on the underside of the gearbox ?.
I have tried to fined info but no joy .
Any help would be very much appreciated .
All the very best to you all . :)
BSAOC International Rallies / Re: 59th BSA Rally in Belgium date/location
« Last post by A65ROCKET on 01 July, 2022, 22:58:06 »
If you are transporting your BSA on either a trailer or van and are traveling into France from the UK, then you 'may' be sugject to custom charges.
There is this French form you can fill in which declares that your bike is on a holiday and not being imported.
Hopefully it works
Also, I don't know what regulations are in place for entering the EU via the Netherlands or Belgium
Pre War / B31-2 clutch spring adjustment
« Last post by Brookby Chris on 01 July, 2022, 22:53:54 »
Hi Can somebody tell me the  measurement to adjust the center nut on a single spring clutch on  a 1931 B31-2 . Is it trial and error , or is there a set amount the spring is compressed. Thanks
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