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Sidecars / Sidecar attachment removal
« Last post by Rupert on 23 June, 2024, 22:50:29 »
Can anyone explain the best way to remove the the sidecar attachment stub near the rear wheel on an M series rigid frame please?
I don't have access to another frame without the stub fitted to see if it is threaded, taper fit or whatever.
Thanks in anticipation,
The Star and Garter / Re: Making the jump into classic ownership
« Last post by Rog1 on 23 June, 2024, 22:29:21 »
A good first option, one I (sort of) took, is a B31 (350cc) or B33 (500cc). These are pre-unit singles with lots of common parts, most of which are readily available. They are not too hard to work on and most of the problems you might find have well known solutions. B31s are a lot more common than B33s, and I'm told, a bit easier to start.

Mine's actually an M33; similar to the B33 though the gearbox is different and the frame is beefed up. It'll cruise at 50-55mph. It has plunger rear suspension which is fine on fairly good roads but means 40-45mph on poor quality back roads. I was after either a B33 or an M33, whichever turned up first.

These are rather old bikes now so there will be times when whatever you choose will be off the road for repair. It might be an idea to keep a more modern bike for those times, perhaps a cheap runabout, so that you don't have to rush the repair or are stuck without a bike on nice days. For these you'll need Whitworth spanners (get some box spanners too) and sockets, and a few BA spanners.

The Star and Garter / Making the jump into classic ownership
« Last post by Burty on 23 June, 2024, 20:30:19 »
Hello everyone, Ive been considering a classic bike for a number of years and have decided that now is the time to press on with the idea. I no longer feel the need to ride fast and just enjoy riding for the sake of riding and taking the journey in. As a result its time for my CBR 600 to go and for something with a bit more character to replace it.

I'm hoping that you may be able to offer me some guidance as to good first classic options, im not a complete mechanical novice, but certainly nmot at restoration skills yet.

I dont want a shiny display only bike, I want something with character, that can be ridden to shows and meets and mostly something that just puts a smile on my face when i see it. I have zero preference between two and four stroke. As this will be my first classic I'm looking to keep the price relatively sensible until im sure its the choice for me.

All advice will be greatly appreciated.
Singles / Re: Primary cush spring ?
« Last post by Bigsingle on 23 June, 2024, 20:22:59 »
Hi , thanks to all I've ordered a new 67-1136 spring and when the cover is off next I will compare it to the existing spring , I can always make a hardened spacer to make it more difficult to get the nut on . Cheers 👍
Singles / Re: Primary cush spring ?
« Last post by Steve.S on 23 June, 2024, 18:55:08 »
It should be difficult to get the nut on, but I doubt if the spring has shortened that much.
Draganfly have the part no. quoted as 1 1/2" long.
Perhaps the sleeve is too long? Maybe a kind member can give you the dimensions?
Singles / Re: Battery box
« Last post by Rog1 on 23 June, 2024, 18:37:01 »
Okay, thanks. Mystery solved!
Twins / Oil in frame oil capacity
« Last post by Nigelbarber on 23 June, 2024, 15:40:47 »
According to the manual, the OIF A65 holds 5 imperial pints. I have just drained mine and refilled it, I couldnít get more than 4 pints in. My bike was built May 71. Can anyone shed any light on this? I know itís not a problem, but I have had issues with oil being blown over the rear tyre (interesting) and wanted to be sure I wasnít overfilling it.
Singles / Re: BSA B33 Inlet Valve Guide- National Scarcity?
« Last post by Steve.S on 23 June, 2024, 15:29:00 »
I imagine Cardiboy just wants to get his bike back on he road. But if you want turbulence, you'd be better off with a squish band.
Singles / Re: C15 air filter
« Last post by rhyatt on 23 June, 2024, 11:37:26 »
I found a local filter manufacturer who made filters for air con units, he had loads of filter foam in the dustbin and was happy for me to grab some.
Works fine
Singles / C15 air filter
« Last post by Tigerfeet on 23 June, 2024, 10:50:01 »
My 1966 C15 project has the original air filter complete with a central  black cloth material - which is falling apart.  I was thinking of trying to fit aan air filter foam such as this:    But they all seem to be 15mm deep.

Alternatively I have found computer fan airfilter gauze:    This is 3mm -and probably squashes thinner.)  My plan would be too sandwich it between the two original filter meshes.

Has anyone tried using this?

Can anyone think of a good reason for not using it?  (Is the mighty C15 like to suck it out of the mesh holders and into the engine?!)
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