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Singles / B40 - Wet Sumping - Oil tank tap
« on: 06 May, 2020, 17:21:43 »
Hi All

After researching this Wet Sumping issue, I find this is more common and affects many older British Bikes, including BSA's. In an effort to minimise this on my 1961 B40, I decided to fit a valve tap which hopefully will reduce it's incontinence, save a bit of oil and keep my garage floor clean'ish.

I couldn't find too many pictures from others who have done the same so I attached 2 pictures showing the finished modification. I want to keep my B40 as near to it's original spec so I was in two minds about this but as it's turned out, it looks ok for me.

There are 2 parts I used. The valve itself is a 1/4" BSP male to 1/4" BSP female full flow ball valve and the second part is a 1/4"BSP female hose tail (8mm) which fits nicely to the flexible oil supply hose of 5/16" id. Total cost about 8 off t'internet. If anyone is considering this mod, I am happy to give details of supplier and part no's etc if you PM me.

 As a reminder to me to make sure I switch the tap on before starting the bike, I remove the ignition key and hang this from the new tap (providing I remember !)

Hope this may help anyone considering this mod.

Cheers !

Singles / Uneven Revving B40 - Any ideas ?
« on: 04 November, 2019, 16:47:51 »
I've had my restored 1961 B40 for just 3 weeks so I'm still getting used to it !
Here's the problem . After starting it ticks over ok but if I 'flip' the throttle, the revs won't settle back down to a normal tick over speed and it 'races'. This has happened during a short ride and I'm sat at traffic lights with a racing tick over. The next set of lights it could be back to normal.  Flipping the throttle has no effect.

It's a new (300 miles) Amal 376/253 Monobloc Carb with in-line filter fitted to fuel line. I noticed the throttle was rather 'sticky' so this was removed and mechanism and cable was lightly greased. Both throttle mechanism and throttle cable are new and now feel fine. I removed the throttle slide and checked for any wear marks and gave a light clean. Both needles have been removed and blown through with no dirt apparent. No apparent air leaks from manifold. The float bowl is clean with new gasket fitted.
When running, the engine behaves fine - no misfires etc. It's a b****d to start, especially from warm but i'm still learning the knack ! Not sure if the starting has anything to do with the revs issue.

The only thing that has effect when it's over-revving, is a quarter / half a turn on the throttle stop adjust screw, which then drops the revs back to normal.
Any advice would be very welcome.

The Star and Garter / My First BSA - Guidance Required Please
« on: 07 July, 2019, 18:25:48 »
New to the Forum and looking to acquire an 'old' British bike - but which one ?
I expect this question has been asked many times but I would really appreciate the input from you BSA aficionado's !
I've never owned a British bike but have owned and ridden many makes, big and small since the mid '70's.
I saw a C15 some years back at the Calne bike festival and thought this may be the make / model for me as a second bike to tinker with and occasionally ride. I have little experience in re-builds or renovations but I am fairly practical and self-service my current bike. My budget is 2.5k - 3.5k. I really like BSA as I understand parts are readily available ?( or are they )
Is the C15 a sensible starter choice or do you guys have some other suggestions ?
Based in the Oxford area. Thanks for reading
Cheers !

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