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Which BSA do you ride? / B44 in Ontario
« on: 10 January, 2018, 01:20:37 »
This is a non-numbers matching example. It has a '67 Victor Roadster engine mated to a '69 Shooting Star frame. It runes well, and is now virtually drip free.


Singles / B44 Shooting Star paint code
« on: 05 January, 2018, 17:39:39 »
I would like to do a proper paint refresher on my Shooting Star, but I'm having a difficult time finding the paint codes for Peony Red and the Ivory necessary for this model. I'm not interested in the rattle can spray bomb method, but the mixed paint with hardener.

If anyone has this information I would really appreciate knowing either that information, or where I can find it.

Thanks very much!


Singles / Another B44 lubrication question
« on: 27 December, 2017, 21:01:43 »
Does the kick start pawl mechanism get lubricated from the oil in the gearbox? I know that my engine lubrication is staying where it should, but my gearbox oil leaks out within days of pouring it into its reservoir.


Singles / B44 gearbox leak
« on: 13 December, 2017, 16:07:01 »
I rebuilt my B44 motor last winter to try and eliminate a chronic leak. I carefully 'painted' both mating halves of the cases with Wellseal, and buttoned it back up.

The engine oil issue seems to have disappeared, but whenever I put in my half pint of oil into the gearbox, within three or four days it has leaked out onto the garage floor. I have spent too much time laying on the garage floor trying to figure out where the oil is coming from, but I can only see the oil on the lowest parts of the motor, and not a source.

Any idea where gearbox oil seeps from? I'm putting it back up onto the bench to have another go at it, but right now I'm not all that confident that I'll find the wellspring of my oil...

Thanks for any help you might provide.

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