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I certainly would not suggest borrowing but: -

If A50 wheels fit you can borrow mine for a short time. Where are you.

Mike 8)

Thats very kind of you Mike , I'm in Portsmouth. I think I'm going to restore the bike to standard and aim for an age related plate, it wont need a lot of bits. No way am i sticking a Q plate on her, that would be like wearing a fake rolex or wearing an armani suit with Asda socks and pants.

Having looked up the numbers how they appear on my frame , they do actually tally with a 54 A10, so at some point before 84 i believe the frame has been changed with an older frame, one of the first swing arm models. I just never thought to check it. But DVLA have said the bike is unidentifiable and won't budge on that decision. i argued it can be dated, he didn't like that and was having none of it. and they wont tell me the numbers they have on record, so i cant even argue that a 6 could be an 8 or whatever . made me feel like a criminal but all i was trying to do was update my address details like a good citizen. Wish i hadn't bothered now.
The option is to go the dating certificates route regardless, to try and convince DVLA with evidence, but it has borrani wheels and rear 15" bobber, which obviously aren't original , and an A65 tank. would that be considered as not a true marque? it does have the old style single sided front hub and original forks. 

I get the feeling they are just writing off history and handing out Q plates for any bike that doesn't fit their overly strict criteria, just to increase their road tax revenue.

I've had my 55 A10 since 1984 , over the years i had lost the registration document, i have changed address so i sent off for a new one with the new details, they asked for pictures of the frame engine numbers, so had to paint stripper a few coats of paint from the frame neck to reveal the number. sent the photos off. I received a letter back to say my reg is now "VOID" because the frame number doesn't match their records. and they wouldn't tell me what number they had. with this letter came a wad of forms for applying for a Q plate. I haven't even looked at the forms, i've been walking the hills , why why me? . I've had that bike 32 years , 32 years of my life just erased by a little man at the DVLA and replaced with a Q. I can't now even go for a ride to forget about it, I need counselling or help group.
So no, never contact the DVLA , they are evil gremlins that relish in stealing your happiness and must be avoided at all costs.

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