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Singles / Re: B40F engine running again after 18 years( !!!!!!)
« on: 18 June, 2018, 18:44:19 »
You're right Adrian. The C15 didn't have a decompressor, they only fitted them to 350cc and above.
My B40's got an 8.75:1 piston in, but I doubt it'll make much difference.
I seem to remember my habit with the Ariel was to stick it in gear and pull it back against compression. Maybe I've always been a wimp  :D

Singles / Re: B40F engine running again after 18 years( !!!!!!)
« on: 16 June, 2018, 22:41:21 »
I used to start my 500 Ariel without it as well. As I said, it's not really there for the riders benefit. It's to save the kickstart mechanism. My personal choice nowadays is to be kind to the engine.

Singles / Re: B40F engine running again after 18 years( !!!!!!)
« on: 16 June, 2018, 15:51:06 »
Sorry...and yes, bring it up to compression, hold the decompressor in and push it just over, let the kickstart come back up (release the decompressor) and then hoof it.
On the B40 in particular, the kickstart mechanism isn't designed to cope with kicking straight over compression.
The idea is that starting just past tdc, you pump a lot of energy into the flywheel and that inertia takes it over the next compression.

Singles / Re: B40F engine running again after 18 years( !!!!!!)
« on: 16 June, 2018, 14:31:06 »
Congratulations Hoogerbooger. I hope mine starts that easily when I get it back together.

Singles / Re: 7" tls brake
« on: 16 June, 2018, 09:40:31 »
Sorry if somebody alteady said this on your other post, but I guess another possibility is that your linings are too thin. That brake seems to bring the shoes back a long way. Villiers will fit extra thick linings, and arc them for you.
Alternatively as a temporary bodge/test (which is actually perfectly safe) you can place shims around the ends of the shoes where they contact the pivot and the cam. Thus requiring much less movement.
If you can't adjust the cable so that the brake shoes are just touching, with plenty of adjustment left, then those two issues need to be looked at first.

Singles / Re: 7" tls brake
« on: 16 June, 2018, 09:26:34 »
If you have all the adjusters screwed fully out then, to me, that sounds like an issue of cable fit. I had the same with the first cable I fitted, which is why I changed it for the tr25w one. 
I still have lots of adjustment left in my cable. If I were to screw the adjusters out more than about half way the brake would be permanently hard on.
What's the cable routing like? If it's good, then obviously the outer length is ok. If it's too long (mine was) then just lay it in the right place and measure by how much. If you screw the adjusters in, disconnect it from the brake end then measure how much shorter  it would need to be to be in the right place, you can work out the inner length. Then it's a matter of either hunting on line or making one up.

Singles / Re: Any good pictures of Sapphire Blue (063) Bikes ?
« on: 14 June, 2018, 22:38:48 »
Thats what i like about this forum. Every time I come on it I learn something new. ;D

Singles / Re: B31 not starting
« on: 14 June, 2018, 19:26:59 »
The above sounds like very good advice. Have you tried the "factory standard" method?
Ignition fully retarded
Tickle if from cold
Hold the decompressor in and kick it a couple of times to prime it.
Release the decompressor
Gently bring it up to compression (more of a push than a kick)
Hold the decompressor in and nudge it JUST over compression
Let the kickstart come back up
Release the decompressor
Big kick and it should go.
Corrections welcome from those who disagree.

Singles / Re: Any good pictures of Sapphire Blue (063) Bikes ?
« on: 14 June, 2018, 18:09:55 »
You got me curious. According to RR the 65 B40 Star only came in Royal Red or Black.
The SS90 (And US models) was available in Flamboyant Blue or Flamboyant Red.
The C15 of the same year was available in Nutley Blue, which I think was the same as Saphire Blue.
I think he got that information from the catalogues and BSA may well have deviated from them.

Singles / Re: Any good pictures of Sapphire Blue (063) Bikes ?
« on: 14 June, 2018, 17:59:22 »
Rupert Ratio comments at length on this too. His summing up is, "...neither I nor anyone else can look at a BSA and categorically say that the colour is right or wrong. If it approximates to one which is known and can be recognised then that should be good enough."
Actually, he's wrong. He, or any BSA pundit could look at mine and say it's wrong, but I like the colour.
I do sympathise with your quest for correctness though. Good luck with it not being red. 

Singles / Re: Any good pictures of Sapphire Blue (063) Bikes ?
« on: 14 June, 2018, 17:01:36 »
I should imagine it's quite difficult to be definitive about it. I've heard lots of tales about people buying replacement parts (when the bikes were still quite new) and the paint not matching. Apparently they bought paint in batches and weren't terribly hot on the quality control.
It reminds of a mate of mine restoring an army Indian in Sweden. He ended up phoning a guy in the US who'd worked in the paint shop, to find the right colour.
The reply he got was "Green, there was a war on, so we just mixed the end of one batch with whatever we got next"

Singles / Re: 7" tls brake
« on: 14 June, 2018, 16:48:03 »
Thanks Julian. I don't think it's a problem of cable fit, as I've got plenty of adjustment in it. I can easily adjust it until the brake is well and truly on.
I did wonder whether the new cable might be a bit elastic for a while, though.
I hadn't thought about the feel changing when it's going, though it's hard to imagine it changing that much. It's incredibly light compared to my cub.
 More incentive to finish the engine ;)

Singles / 7" tls brake
« on: 14 June, 2018, 16:23:15 »
I've seen something similar to this on the forum, but I don't think it's quite the same.
I've fitted a 7"tls front brake to my B40 and I'm using a tr25w cable, which seems fine for length, plenty of adjustment left in it. BUT...
If I set the brake up so that the shoes are just touching with the lever at rest, I can easily pull it all the way to the handlebar with two fingers.
The wheel locks up on my man cave floor, with very little movement of the lever, but i can't test it realistically as it doesn't have the engine in yet.
I've thought of shortening the actuator arm, but the geometry will only allow me to do so by 10 or 15mm before things start fouling and the cable run gets too kinky.
That'll help some, but not sure how much and it doesn't feel like it should be necessary.
Any ideas?


Singles / Re: C15 speedo drive
« on: 26 May, 2018, 18:53:06 »
Very timely, I was wrestling with exactly the same problem on my B40 today, except it has the blanking screw instead of a grade nipple.
Thanks chaps.

Singles / Re: B40 Silencer
« on: 21 May, 2018, 16:23:58 »
Mine has a perforated tube running through with absorption packing around it. I haven't heard it yet (still in lots of bits) but I've used a similar design on other bikes. Not quiet, but takes the edge off and softens the sound a bit. You can buy perforated stainless tube and the wadding on line, so maybe you could modify it yourself.

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