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Twins / Re: Clutch cable ferrule and gearbox abutment puzzle
« on: 08 August, 2017, 19:07:53 »
As an addendum. Frame no is GA7-40**.  So it puts me in a difficult position when ordering parts.

Twins / Re: Clutch cable ferrule and gearbox abutment puzzle
« on: 08 August, 2017, 19:01:36 »
Many thanks for both of your informative and quick replies, which has given me a clue as to what might have happened in the past.

The old clutch cable had the adjuster at the lever end of the cable, as also does the front brake cable (see photo). I ordered the clutch cable for a 1960 A10 (from a highly reputable Brit bike retailer - not eBay) and was sent the 42-8775 cable shown in photo. As it was the same as the old cable that I removed I assumed it was correct for my bike. Hence the puzzlement over the fit.

I assumed when I first bought my GF, a couple of months ago, that it had a 4 spring clutch (being 1960) but on checking I see it has the earlier 6 spring one, so it seems my bike being first registered in January 1960 was built with 1959 parts - so may more accurately be a 1959 model.

I think what may have happened sometime in the last 57 years is that someone fitted different levers and cables. I looked at the cables with the adjuster at the gearbox end but I didn't think they were the right ones because my bike had the adjusters at the lever ends and that my GF was 1960 and not 1959.

It seems I need to look for different handlebar levers (ones that do not need the adjusters screwed into them) to suit the earlier clutch and front brake cables.

This is my 3rd GF, having had two in the 1960's but 50 years on it's hard to remember all the small details. It's one I ride and I'm pleased to say it passed it's MOT last month with flying colours. The only comment by the tester was that the throttle should shut off when you let it go. I had to point out that it's not a good idea when you are going up hill and you have to give a right hand signal!

Thanks again chaps.

Twins / Clutch cable ferrule and gearbox abutment puzzle
« on: 08 August, 2017, 13:58:52 »
Jan 1960 Golden Flash and as far as I know pretty well original, apart from service items such as cables, etc.

It has the 6 spring clutch. However, on fitting a new clutch cable (pt no 42-8775), which is apparently the correct one for 1959 - 1962 I had to file the smaller end of the stepped ferrule down considerably to fit in the gearbox abutment hole. See the photos.  The hole in the gearbox abutment is the same diameter right through and smaller than the ferrule on the cable - probably about the diameter of the actual cable end.

The previous owner had the same problem but his solution was to feed the nipple and the cable inner through the centre of a washer so that the ferrule was, at least, held a little more stable against the abutment (as the original smaller part of the stepped ferrule wouldn't go into the abutment hole.

All the clutch cables to fit a 1960 A10 I've seen advertised are the same as the cable I bought. Is it possible that the gearbox is from an earlier or later model, which had a smaller hole in the gearbox abutment?

OK, I've sorted it but I'm puzzled as to why I had to file the fitting on the end of the cable down to fit.

Any ideas?

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