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Singles / Re: B40F gear oil capacity
« on: 16 June, 2018, 15:12:22 »
Anyway I've printed off the link sent by hoogerbooger.  Thanks very much.

Singles / Re: B40F gear oil capacity
« on: 16 June, 2018, 14:44:08 »
The instruction manual I have says 3/4 pint (425cc.)  I must have the wrong manual!

Singles / Re: B40F engine running again after 18 years( !!!!!!)
« on: 16 June, 2018, 14:40:42 »
Well done hoogerbooger!

Singles / Re: B40F gear oil capacity
« on: 16 June, 2018, 01:12:09 »
Any thoughts on this, anyone?   Phil.

Yes, just had a look at mine.  A few months ago I thought I'd try ordinary nuts, but haven't got round to it, and, as you say, it might be difficult to get access with a spanner. From memory, I think they're 4BA, but I'm not certain.

My sleeve nuts are round section with a slot for tightening/loosening, which seems to me an odd design. I have several washers underneath in order that the slot is proud of the top of the screw so that I can get a screwdriver on. The slot seems to me not a very robust design, easily chewed up.


Ordinary hexagon nuts instead?

Singles / Re: B40F gear oil capacity
« on: 14 June, 2018, 20:28:52 »
Or, another idea  - long shot - maybe when I'm pouring it in it's pouring straight onto the top of the level tube? Unlikely, I guess. Phil.

Singles / B40F gear oil capacity
« on: 14 June, 2018, 20:23:03 »
My EP90 having arrived, I have just poured some into the gearbox of my 1965 B40F, having drained off the old stuff last week. The capacity I believe is supposed to be 3/4 pint. Yet the oil was coming out of the level tube when I had put in less than half a pint. Seems a bit odd.  The only two explanations which spring to mind are: 1) there was residual oil in the gearbox? But surely the drain plug is at the lowest point when the bike is on its centre stand?; or  2) the oil level tube is too short?  Maybe I need to take it out again and measure it?  Any advice would be appreciated.   Phil.

Singles / Re: Gear oil grade
« on: 05 June, 2018, 18:34:04 »
Just seen your post, Julian.  Thanks very much, but, as I say, I've ordered some Castrol EP90, which I assume will be fine.   Phil.

Singles / Re: Gear oil grade
« on: 05 June, 2018, 16:56:50 »
Wish I'd read this before I ordered the EP90!  Oh well, I'll know in future.  Thanks, AWJDT.  Phil.

Singles / Re: Gear oil grade
« on: 05 June, 2018, 15:37:22 »
Yes, I saw in the Haynes manual that Castrol GTX 20w50 was recommended, and so thought about using the same stuff I have in the engine (Comma Classic 20w50.)  But I see that in Nigel Clark's book "Classic Motorcycle Restoration and Maintenance" (I have the books but not a clue!) EP90 is recommended. Rupert Ratio vol 1 (p.42) tells us that EP90 was not originally recommended by BSA as there was a possibility of the gearbox oil seeping along the gearchange shaft, kickstart shaft and from the gearbox main shaft bush, to mix with the engine oil. RR goes on to say that this is not possible in the sidepoints engines. Mine is side points, so I guess I'll look to use EP90.  But as I say, the shops don't seem to have much in the way of straightforward EP90.  Maybe I'll look on-line.  I suspect that, as I think someone suggested when I was posting about primary chaincase oil, I might be over-thinking this - maybe it's not all that crucial.  But anyway, I'll look on-line for EP90.   Phil.

Singles / Gear oil grade
« on: 05 June, 2018, 13:03:06 »
What oil should I use in the gear box of my 1965 B40F?  I thought it should be EP90, but there don't seem to be many straightforward EP90s. Is 80w-90 suitable? Also, what is GL4?  Phil.

Singles / Re: B40F oil capacity
« on: 04 June, 2018, 13:35:07 »
I assumed four pints total. Phil.

Singles / Re: B40 star best set up for wrong carburetor
« on: 03 June, 2018, 17:17:21 »
Hello Hoogerbooger,  AWJDT says below that it would be interesting to see how your carb compares with mine. I'm afraid I can't help at this stage, but thought I'd just send this post so you don't think I'm ignoring your issue.  As you know, I have a 1965 B40F. It has a 626 carb, but I don't know the settings because I've not needed to take it apart after all yet (it started first kick the other day so I'm not inclined to tempt fate at the moment!) I did at one stage a while ago think I would take it apart but the problem was elsewhere (as I recall, me not knowing which way on the choke lever was open and which way was closed, until I took the air filter off and peeped in the carb intake!) I'm interested to read in this topic that some B40s had concentric carbs from new - I thought they were all monoblocs.  I expect I'll have mine apart sooner or later, and will be on this forum asking lots of dumb questions.  Phil.

Singles / Re: Gearbox drain plug
« on: 01 June, 2018, 16:35:17 »
My mistake - actually the small screw did have a fibre washer, but it's a bit worse for wear, so I'll replace it. I'll also renew the "O" ring. I assume no sealing compound is necessary with either.  Phil.

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